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Weaving a ball shaped Dew-drop Catcher from grass

Weaving pattern.

Start to weave a few blades of grass. This will be the foundation of the sphere

Continue to add blades of grass.

Continue to add blades of grass weaving in and out of the weave pattern

Move the blades so that the weave pattern is in the middle of the grass.

Adjust the grass strands so that the weave pattern is in the middle of each of the blades of grass.

Fold the loose strands up.

Gather the strands of grass in your hand and fold it up. Do not bend the grass at a sharp angle. Do the same with your other hand, at the other side

Press the longest blades into the weave pattern on the other side.

Combine the bunch in one hand and gently press the shape to slightly bulge out. Tug and pull the longest blades of grass to reach all the way over the shape and start to weave these blades into the foundation weave pattern at the bottom.

Continue to weave the grass to secure

Continue to weave the grass to secure. In contrast to the foundation side the top side of the sphere is loosely woven.

Catch as many of the blades of grass as possible by folding the longer strands over the shape and weaving it over and under any blades that crosses the shape

Fold over the last loose strands and weave into the design.

Continue to pull the strands tight, as you weave, to shape the sphere. Weave in any shorter loose strands to create a neat ball shape

Slip the crystal ball between the grass strands.

Slip the crystal ball between the grass strands to lie on the woven foundation and wiggle the strands to close the opening.


Cut the grass to open the nest.

Wiggle the grass to open up the nest. Set it aside to dry.

Slip a rose into the hollow to display on a vase

so that it keep its shape when you put some weight on it and slip a rose into the hollow to display on a vase

Glue any dangling or loose strands to make sure the sphere shape is secure and add a few dew drop beads or crystals

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