My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


19 June 2024 Stand bark on pointe to display the sweetest sweet peas

Create a natural armature for a summer display

12 June 2024 Narrow twin leaf spacer for keeping a tiny stem bouquet upright

A pretty way of taming wonderfully wild thin stemmed floral details... without loosing the light and airy feel.

5 June 2024 Lucky find glass frog and pillar vase

Perfect size match... a vintage glass flower frog and a new pillar vase from Ikea

29 May 2024 Cover a headband with a whole lot of little floral details for a contemporary fascinator

Add the tiniest of floral details below calla lilies to craft a dramatic but still easy to wear fascinator.

22 May 2024 A design solution for showcasing the tiniest flowers... in a big way

Floating the tiniest Bits of Floral Treasures from your cut flower garden

15 May 2024 Threaded rosette foliage frog… with a kick

Threaded Heuchera (Coral Bells) rosette with curved stems to kick against the sides of your container to keep it suspended above water.

1 May 2024 Gap basket weave for a Spring flower container

Fiasco inspired vase cover for a small Spring design

24 April 2024 Slot together Monstera Twin Leaves to create a design gap

A small bundle of Spring floral treasures framed with lush monstera foliage.

17 April 2024 Tendril support to anchor a floating vase (and its ginormous bubble) in place

Trap a bubble between two shallow containers to float clematis flowers for Spring.

10 April 2024 See through Jasmine Vine tangle support

This is a great way to explore using vines dried, soon to dry and fresh and hydrated to craft the thinnest possible transparent design.

3 April 2024 Coiled Spring and Wreath flower frog

Wind vines into an all natural armature to display your first of many... perfect... Spring flowers.