My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


21 February 2024 Get a head start with a long lasting shallow vine basket and succulent table top Spring display

Long, long, long lasting display that will even root in place with a few adjustments.

14 February 2024 Craft a birch bark bud vase topper for a openhearted Valentine's display

Craft a keepsake heart on top of a vase to display special flowers.

7 February 2024 Knot willow twigs around a shallow container to keep tiny orchid stems upright

An all natural flower frog that adds to the design feel.

31 January 2024 Frosted Glass Chip Edge for a glass container

Glue glass chips into a half moon to help keep the floral details in place.

24 January 2024 Suspend delicate stemmed orchids in a Willow Infinity Weave Flower Frog

Create a little grid that fits the stems exactly to position them above and below water in a large container.

17 January 2024 A birch bark spiral wrap to cradle floral details in a wine glass

Spiral birch bark strips into two mirror images to create a wintery wrap for a bud vase.

10 January 2024 Mossy “Moss” Pebble… in the snow

Hollow out a faux moss pebble to add... a pebble of moss covered in snowflakes.

3 January 2024 Silver leaf Paper Snowflakes to display your winter flowers on

Fold some snowflakes to display your beautiful winter flowers on.

3 January 2024 Succulent and gilded flameless candle yule log display stand

A robust stand with tall dowel sticks to slip your display over.

3 January 2024 Magnetic silverleaf bell and snowy twig clusters to suspend your flowers in a display

An easy to remove and put back bundle of winter twigs to add to a display.

27 December 2023 Christmas twig wreath, cinnamon bundles, clove garlands and roses of orange peel candle holder

Take the whole waste free design concept a whole lot further by displaying all your Christmas simmer pot ingredients... ready to be harvested as needed.

27 December 2023 Add light filled snowy fluff inside a display container

A fun way to make a winter design glow.