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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


[may-rah-kee] (adjective)

Meraki floral art design.

Modern Greek word often used to describe doing something with

Slipper orchid


Slipper orchid and lily grass


Burgundy Slipper orchid

or love —

A tangle grass tumble suspended in two vases

when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing,

Meraki slipper orchid design

whatever it may be.

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19 July 2017 Interweave a messy grass tumble

Loosely wrap and weave lily grass to create a planned-messy looking armature

15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

22 June 2016 Lily grass spiral in a vase

Twist lily grass slightly to create a spiral for the orchids to nestle in

14 September 2011 Looping the lily grass shape

Loop lily grass around a basic structure or shape made from paper.

13 March 2013 Grass shelter for a glass bubble vase

Weave a shelter around a glass vase

12 March 2014 Grass tunnel that stays just so

Snip, roll and glue a few blades of grass to create a design feature

7 December 2016 Flat wire and grass bridal basket

Wrap grass around a flat wire shape to create a delicate bridal basket design

1 October 2012 Weaving a ball shaped Dew-drop Catcher from grass

Weave a sphere from grass

13 July 2016 Woven lily grass parachute armature

Weave a canopy or parachute shaped armature in a way that you can place the stems in two vases to keep it hydrated.

27 August 2014 Loosely woven grass on Driftwood

Loosely weave grass on a piece of driftwood for an informal armature

14 January 2015 Weaving Slippers from Foliage

Weave slip on shoes from palm leaves

Favourite Flowers


Lady Slipper, Slipper orchid

Related Designs

26 July 2017 Beat the summer heat

Tangle some wire to set flowers in water

28 February 2018 March Days

Line up a few frosted twigs to march across a shallow container

22 June 2016 Perfection

Spiral grass to create a nest for the lady slipper orchids

13 March 2013 Than you have to

Weave blades of grass to create a cover for a glass vase

12 March 2014 Petrichor

A minimalist design in a shallow tray

7 December 2016 Oh! So clever

My article and Bridal basket design featured in DIY Weddings Magazine

3 June 2015 A watcha call it

Weave a sphere armature

13 July 2016 Woven

Weave a canopy or parachute shaped armature for orchids to perch on

24 April 2013 Hanging Space

Suspend small bud vases with Macramé-like knotted wool. This design is featured on The Fusion Flowers Magazine... Fusion Links page.

16 July 2014 Unraveling fast

Weaving foliage to create a lush water scene

27 August 2014 Brought Together

Loosely weave blades of grass together

14 January 2015 Take a load off

Weave slippers from foliage

21 January 2015 Tiptoe through the Tulips

Braid Tulip stems to set in water