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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Looping the lily grass shape

Paper stucture for lily grass design

I made the basic structure or solid shape out of paper. Press the base area flat to make sure your shape will balance upright. Loosely wrap the structure with green wire to make it easier to loop the lily grass

Looping the lily grass around the structure

Cut the hardest part of the lily grass stems away leaving only the flexible grass for you to loop with. I find it easier to loop the grass using the firm end of the stem as a needle and pulling it through the loops. Tuck each blade through the wire to make sure it is secure.

Tuck in the lily grass ends

Be careful not to bruise any of the grass sections. I use the finger nail cuticle pusher from my tool bag to carefully secure any loose strands into my shape

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14 September 2011 Making the lily grass harness

Loops and straight sections of lily grass connected into a grass harness

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