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Hanging Space

This Design is featured on The Fusion Flowers Magazine Fusion Links page. It is an amazing Floral Art Magazine filled with inspiration for the contemporary designer.

Hanging in space floral art design.

"Thank goodness

Hang tulips and curved grasses

for all the things you are not,

Drape the wool strands over the flowers to soften the lines

thank goodness

Tulips hanging in a bud vase

you're not something someone forgot,

Let the grass hang down the design to create rhythm.

and left all alone in some punkerish place,

Hanging floral art design

like a rusty tin coat hanger

Hanging tulip design

hanging in space."

quote by Dr. Seuss

Fusion Flowers Magazine

Thank you Fusion Flowers Magazine for including my design and website in your Fusion Links pages.

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24 April 2013 Macramé hanging vases

Knot wool to create a catch to hang tiny bud vases from

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