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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Dangling flowers from blades of grass

See the Tutorial below for detailed instructions on how I make my own vials from pipe or drinking straws

Measure the vial to hang about 2/3 down the blade of grass

Measure the vial to hang about two thirds down the length of the blade of grass

Loosely knot it around the vial

Loosely knot it around the vial

The vial can now loosely dangle down your design

The vial can now loosely dangle down your design

Creating a natural cascade

Creating a natural cascade

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4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

23 October 2013 Hanging leaves from a Hazel twig top bar

Create a free moving autumn leaf screen

14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

8 August 2012 Stringing wool and Spanish moss

Create veil of wool and Spanish moss

Related Designs

18 May 2016 Because I think I am making Progress

Create a floral ceiling

14 September 2016 Hang on!

Macrame inspired handing seahorse vases

29 April 2020 Seeing a Diamond in the Stuff

A fun design to create a spinning diamond frame using minimal plant material for maximum effect.

5 May 2021 But of course.

Repurpose an apothecary vase lid for a floating Spring design.

23 October 2013 Their work well done

String Autumn leaves to fall down in a design

28 December 2011 Bubbly New Year’s Sparklers

Delicate glass bubbles filled with the midnight blue African violet flowers, purple ornamental capsicum and spilling down the design are a few stems of rosary vine

8 August 2012 Stringing in the rain

A veil of green wool, Spanish moss and dried hydrangeas hang over white lilies

7 September 2012 Just Right! Floral Art demonstration: Own It!

My fourth design in my demonstration at the BC Floral Art Society meeting

24 April 2013 Hanging Space

Suspend small bud vases with Macramé-like knotted wool. This design is featured on The Fusion Flowers Magazine... Fusion Links page.