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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Seeing a Diamond in the Stuff

The creative process goes something like... this...

Seeing a diamond in the stuff flower arrangement by Christine de Beer.

First we were like “meh”

A creative and unusual flower arrangement idea

And then we were like “ and… oh… pretty”

Creating a sustainable flower arrangement without using floral foam

… and then we were like “hmmm… maybe add...?”

Zero waste floral styling ideas for interiors

And then we were like “bend” “tie” “twirl” “twirl” “twirl”

Crafting with nature as meditation

And then we were like “oooh”

Christine de Beer flower arranging ideas

And now we are like “hmmm…!!!”

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29 April 2020 Craft a spinning diamond shape to frame your small design

A fun hanging design that spins in the slightest breeze.

13 March 2011 Wire and bend Equisetum

Create lasting shapes by wiring Equisetum

24 April 2013 Macramé hanging vases

Knot wool to create a catch to hang tiny bud vases from

29 March 2017 Three Tier Wire Ring Chandelier

Bend and weave three wire wreaths to string up as an air plant chandelier

18 May 2016 Dangling flowers from blades of grass

Knot a blade of grass around a water source to create a free hanging design

25 March 2015 Jiyek Braiding a Pussy Willow Twig Blind

A design inspired by traditional Jiyek braiding techniques

29 January 2014 Twig Shooting Star

Wire and glue a twig armature

25 August 2011 Placing orchids in test tubes

Cut the Phalaenopsis orchid with a bit of green stem attached. This will make them last longer.

Favourite Flowers


Cymbidium, Boat Orchid

Ceropegia woodii

Rosary vine, Chain of Hearts, Collar of hearts and String of hearts


Scouring Rush, Horsetail, snake grass, puzzle grass

Related Designs

5 May 2021 But of course.

Repurpose an apothecary vase lid for a floating Spring design.

17 October 2018 But wait… there's more!

Tucked into the box with every advance copy of the book, the effortless floral craftsman is a packet of clips. This design and Tutorial is a bit of inspiration... what will you...

29 March 2017 A Twirl

Suspend a wire chandelier design to twirl

14 September 2016 Hang on!

Macrame inspired handing seahorse vases

28 December 2011 Bubbly New Year’s Sparklers

Delicate glass bubbles filled with the midnight blue African violet flowers, purple ornamental capsicum and spilling down the design are a few stems of rosary vine

25 March 2015 Pulling some Strings

Braid a twig blind armature

29 January 2014 Glued to stay just so

Wire and glue a twig armature