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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Stringing wool and Spanish moss

Hang wool and Spanish moss from a stick to create a veiled design. The Spanish moss will continue to grow in the design.

Fold the wool in half.

Cut a length of wool double the height of the design. Fold the wool in half. Place the loop behind the stick.

Pull the wool through.

Pull the wool through the loop.

Pull the knot tight

Pull the knot tight. Separate the two dangling ends

Comb the wool strands to hang down

Comb the wool strands with your fingers to untangle them and let them hang down straight.

Glue the hydrangeas to the wool

Glue the dried hydrangeas to the wool. See Tutorial below on how to dry Hydrangeas

Dangle the spanish moss to tangle with the wool.

Dangle the Spanish moss to tangle with the wool.

Floral Art competition rules state that plant material must predominate over all the other components of the exhibit. Make sure you cover about 70% of the strands with moss to comply with floral art schedule regulations.

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30 May 2012 Drying Hydrangeas: Fast, Flat or Natural

Use all three methods to dry hydrangeas to get three very different textures to use in design work.

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