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Threaded stem and wire spacer wire garland

Set aside a small bundle of stems

Set aside a small bundle of stems. Off cuts are just perfect for this.

Cut jewelry wire to start the garlands

Cut jewelry wire to start the garlands.

Twist the wire on one end to create a stopper

Twist the wire on one end to create a stopper.

Thread a stem into the wire working towards the twisted stopper

Thread a stem into the wire working from the sharp end towards the twisted stopper.

Allow for a space in the wire and then twist another stopper in the wire

Allow for a space in the wire and then twist another stopper in the wire.

Slip in a stem to rest on the stopper

Slip in a stem to rest on the stopper, allow for another space in the wire and twist the wire into a stopper to add another stem. Work all the way up to the sharp tip of the wire.

Curl the sharp end into a butterfly feeler

Curl the sharp end into a butterfly feeler. See the Tutorial below for more detailed instructions about wire butterfly feelers.

Finish threading all the garlands

Finish threading all the garlands...

Before hanging them into the design

Before hanging them into the design.

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Book readers for more inspiration also turn to page 352 where I doubled up on this method to craft a horizontal flower frog.

For more information about my book The Effortless Floral Craftsman, a floral crafter's guide to crafting with nature

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10 August 2022 Cross stem spacer

Use the off-cut stems to create a spacer to keep the flowers in place.

3 April 2012 Wire hairpin needle for threading flowers

Hairpin wire needle to pierce flowers.

2 October 2013 Twig garland

Add a dangling garland of twigs to the design

18 January 2012 Butterfly feeler hooks for swinging test tubes

I don't always want to wire my test tubes into the design. I like to create a bit of movement by simply hooking the tubes to gently swing.

31 January 2018 Rock Rest for a heavy Protea Flower Head

Create a contrasting base to lift the heavy flower-head to design in

31 July 2012 Delicate twig and rosary vine garland

Spiral stems around a Ceropegia woodii or Rosary vine.

22 March 2017 Skewered Foliage Garland

Create a garland that dries well with rolled up leaves

8 August 2012 Stringing wool and Spanish moss

Create veil of wool and Spanish moss

22 January 2020 Hanging bamboo from a wired hook

This design can be hanged from anywhere... a case filled with twigs or a branch.

23 July 2014 Twig Chain Garlands

Knot stems into decorative swinging chains

29 March 2017 Three Tier Wire Ring Chandelier

Bend and weave three wire wreaths to string up as an air plant chandelier

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10 August 2022 Space holder

Creating a bit of space in a summer design to allow for the plant material to naturally fall as it wants.

25 September 2018 Book cover design: the effortless floral craftsman, a floral crafter’s guide to crafting with nature

In my book I describe “effortless designing” as what happens when we have done our preparations, learned and practiced our techniques and are now crafting our work. We can forget...

31 January 2018 Rock, don't Roll

Balance the heavy Protea flower head to lean against a rock.

17 October 2018 But wait… there's more!

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31 May 2017 Let's hang out

Skewer some Eucalyptus to suspend between the orchids

8 August 2012 Stringing in the rain

A veil of green wool, Spanish moss and dried hydrangeas hang over white lilies

22 January 2020 Spacer

Armatures are great (budget friendly) spacers for creating large floral designs without using an enormous amount of your resources.

23 July 2014 Chain of Thought

Knot small stems into decorative chain garlands

29 March 2017 A Twirl

Suspend a wire chandelier design to twirl

23 March 2016 Celebrate!

A closer look at my design at the 20th anniversary of Canada Blooms and The Toronto Flower Show

26 June 2012 Diamond Jubilee Waterfall

To commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and the 20th Anniversary of Friends of Government House Gardens Society a Horticultural event was hosted in the gardens and...