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Weaving a diagonal green grass basket

Once you figure out how to do the corners weaving a diagonal shape is actually not that hard to do.

Start weaving long blades of grass in the basic weaving pattern.

Create a large weave to form the base of the basket.

Continue weaving. This large flat weave will form the base of the grass basket.

To create a diagonal pattern turn the weave to shape a diamond.

Turn the weave to form a diamond shape. This will give you a diagonal weave pattern.

Fold the four sides flat to create the bottom edges

Fold the four sides flat to create the bottom edges. The grass should just snap but not brake.

To weave the sides create a sharp corner by folding and weaving the grass.

Creating a neat corner is always the hardest. Fold the corner blade over to create an edge and continue the weaving pattern.

Fold the next blade over and weave it down the opposite side.

Weave each blade all the way down the basket. Continue the weaving pattern to create the sides.

Continue to weave all the sides.

As you weave pull the blades of grass tight to create a strong basket.

Cut the loose strands shorter and weave it back into the design

When the sides are as high as you require it to be cut the grass a bit shorter and fold the alternating blades over the top grass weave to catch the blade and weave the blade down the outside of the basket

Now do the same folding the fold the leftover blades over to the inside of the basket to catch those weave blades and weave it in the inside. Cut any leftover grass sections short.

This creates a strong basket with a rugged top edge.

This creates a zigzag top edge for the basket.

You can finish the design by just adding the handle but I wanted a decorative edge.

Weave two long bands of grass.

To weave the decorative edge and the basket handle I wove 5 strands of grass into a long band.

The middle leaf is variegated to add a bit of contrast. You will need to weave two.

Stitch the first band around the rugged top rim of the basket with grass.

Stitch the band around the rugged edge of the basket using a long and flexible blade of grass.

Continue stitching the trim all the way around the grass basket

I find it easier to cut the harder section of the blade at an angle to make it easier to stitch with. Stitch the trim all the way around the basket.

Stitch the second strand to create a handle.

Stitch the handle to the sides of the basket.

Basket woven from monkey grass.

All done and ready to design with. The Monkey grass dried really well and kept it's healthy green colour.

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