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Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Yes… but what would she put in it?

A clutch purse floral design by Christine de Beer

Now I’ve been thinking…

Make your own clutch purse from plant material and flowers

You just know how fairies have these floral handbags...

Lily grass and orchids floral design handbag

but what I am puzzled about is

Easy to make floral handbag for special events

what are those essentials

Learn how to weave a handbag flower arrangement

must take along

A free tutorial to weave a floral handbag with grass and ribbon

carry always

How to weave a magnetic clasp into a handbag


Add a magnetic closure into a basket handbag

… that a fairy would put in her handbag?

Unusual free flower arranging tutorials and inspiration

I know it’s not her keys.

Sustainable and foam free contemporary flower fashion handbag design

(please say it’s not her keys!)

A free tutorial to show you how to weave a ribbon into a basket or handbag

but, seriously, what would a fairy put in her fairy clutch bag then?

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22 April 2020 Weave a trendy oversized clutch purse with a hidden magnetic closure

A three in one Tutorial to show you how to weave a clutch purse, how to add a magnetic closure AND how to incorporate a ribbon into a weaved design.

8 June 2011 Foliage Weaving

For this tutorial I focus on a simple weave pattern that does not require you to soften or prepare the leaves to be more durable or flexible. This is the starting point in...

20 July 2016 Twisted Lily Grass sun hat

Twist and weave a sun hat from blades of lily grass

14 January 2015 Weaving Slippers from Foliage

Weave slip on shoes from palm leaves

13 March 2019 Interweave an enchanted gift basket

A bit of a planned-messy woven basket that is sturdy enough to carry small items.

1 February 2012 Weaving a diagonal green grass basket

Once you figure out how to do the corners weaving a diagonal shape is actually not that hard to do.

5 April 2017 Weaving a Pillbox hat from grass

Use the "over and under" weaving pattern to weave a round, upright hat with a flat top and no brim.

15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

1 October 2012 Weaving a ball shaped Dew-drop Catcher from grass

Weave a sphere from grass

7 December 2016 Flat wire and grass bridal basket

Wrap grass around a flat wire shape to create a delicate bridal basket design

20 December 2011 Weaving a gift box with a lid from palm leaves

A great all natural gift decorating alternative

30 August 2011 Removing Oasis Floral Adhesive glue spills

The finish of every design should be flawless. Make sure there are no bits of glue visible in your design by carefully removing all traces of spills.

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Related Designs

22 July 2020 Step It Up

Dress up a pair of hand coiled flip-flops with succulents.

10 March 2021 The way we curve

Tiny minimal design that explores curves.

19 October 2022 Point Witch (or Wizard) Way

A wire framed witch or wizard hat that can be reshaped.

26 July 2023 Column… try it flower buddies

A bottom to the top... top to the bottom support to help keep your summer flowers hydrated.

20 July 2016 A Shade of Summer

Twist and weave a lily grass summer hat

15 October 2014 Thanks-Weaving

Weaving a hat with an autumn leaf and rose hip garland

14 January 2015 Take a load off

Weave slippers from foliage

13 March 2019 How to avoid your wedding treasures from becoming “after the event trash”

My article and grass wedding basket design.

5 April 2017 Easter Bonnet

Weave a delicate Pillbox hat

3 June 2015 A watcha call it

Weave a sphere armature

7 December 2016 Oh! So clever

My article and Bridal basket design featured in DIY Weddings Magazine