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This design was specially crafted to be part of my first online workshop (!!!)… but it is so chockablock filled with designs that I couldn’t find space for it and I am sharing it with you now… as an introduction.

Yes! Today is my book’s third birthday and I am celebrating by announcing my very first all online workshop:

Chockablock floral art design by Christine de Beer

7 day retreat to jumpstart your creativity

Craft your own tulip nest to celebrate spring

It is all about the thing you guys ask me about the most: how I brainstorm creative ideas, hence the title: 7 day retreat to jumpstart your creativity.
And it does just that! It is online and super easy to follow along so you can take part from anywhere and you can fit it around your own schedule, pinching off minutes here and there during your day (for 7 consecutive days) to complete the daily design prompts and challenges. It is for beginners and experienced designers with something for everyone in between.

Diy tulip nest for spring flower arranging

I developed this method for myself over the years to explore the creative potential of my plant material and I still use it every time I meet a new flower.

Easy floral design ideas for spring

I am so, so proud of how everything is coming together.
Pre-registration will start to open this week.

Tulip nest tutorial for spring flower designs

The workshop will cost CAD275 and that includes three booklets. Your Lesson Plan, a printer friendly Workbook and a picture and video filled E-Book with fun design examples and How To’s to inspire you.

Original floral design ideas for spring styling

When can you buy the 7 day floral retreat workshop?
Because this workshop is focused on you, as a unique individual, I will be on hand to assist, brainstorm with you and of course give you a well deserved compliment when you discover something fun.

To make this easier to achieve we are bunching the pre-booking and workshop dates. The next batch of pre-bookings will open on the 6 April and is live to watch on the 15th April for e-mail subscribers.
After that we should be able to add a frequently asked question page that will answer the most often asked questions so that I can focus on design related questions and we will open the bookings for everyone.⁠

Online flower arranging workshops for floral designers

I hope you will join me!

For more information about my workshop: 7 day floral retreat to jumpstart your creativity
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23 March 2022 A Double vase, Sticky tape, Reflexed AND Woven Nestled Grass and Tulip Whirl

so many techniques rolled into one rather pretty tulip nest. Perfect to celebrate new beginnings: Spring and my book birthday... and my online workshop!

2 April 2014 Turning the sellotape over the vase trick up-side-down for a sticky side out frog

Tape a grid over a vase to keep the floral details in place

22 January 2014 That good old double vase trick

Create a dry layer by placing a smaller vase inside the larger vase

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

3 March 2011 Reflex Tulip Petals

Tulip petals can be opened or reflexed to create a fuller bloom

21 March 2012 Where to cut Tulips to condition

Here is a trick to make sure your tulips will condition thoroughly

21 January 2015 Braiding three Tulip stems

Plait Tulip stems

8 June 2011 Foliage Weaving

For this tutorial I focus on a simple weave pattern that does not require you to soften or prepare the leaves to be more durable or flexible. This is the starting point in...

29 May 2019 Weaving and Interweaving for contrast

My block design is shaped around a Styrofoam block. It is bulky but lightweight and a great way to reuse packaging.

26 February 2020 Weave a grass Platform for an opening Tulip bud

Tulips continue to grow as they open. This means you not only have to be mindful of their proportions as they are now... but also as they will be once open.

1 October 2012 Weaving a ball shaped Dew-drop Catcher from grass

Weave a sphere from grass

20 January 2021 Trapped Bubble Double Shallow Vase Design

Trap air between two vases to create a third circle... and frame for a small feather hint to a hopeful Spring

24 March 2021 A Spring Sprout Wreath Flower Frog

Craft an everything is still growing spring design to celebrate... what we love!

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23 March 2022 7 day floral retreat to jumpstart your creativity

BIG news is coming your way, flower buddies... we’re so excited to announce our newest course and my first ever online Workshop: 7 day floral retreat to jumpstart your...

13 April 2022 Hop on… it’s Easter!

A cheery Easter basket for a new beginning

6 July 2022 Let’s play ball

Weave a spherical support to place long stemmed flowers into a bud vase.

1 February 2023 Why When

An old tulip trick in a new way to keep the flowers fanned out

22 March 2023 Grow a floral craft pantry

I am launching something new this month. I am teaming up with Plant Something BC, our local government and the landscape and nursery societies here in British Columbia, Canada and...

22 March 2023 ... and just like that we spiral back to... Spring!

A spring spiral design... with a hint of a root nest. Easy to do

5 April 2023 Where do you even start looking?

Easter egg... egg for Easter eggs

1 March 2011 FLOAT

Reflex Tulip and Passion Fruit Tendrils in a wax disk

11 May 2011 It's Tulip Time!

Tulips continue to grow once the stem is severed from the bulb. More often than not you can use this growth to create an ever changing design. But sometimes you want that tulip...

19 March 2014 One of one of everyone

Float flowers using a bubble wrap raft

21 January 2015 Tiptoe through the Tulips

Braid Tulip stems to set in water

4 April 2018 Grow on it

Wedge twigs into a vase to create a grid.

22 February 2017 Perfect!

Tulips are so perfect just as they are all that is needed is to simply drape their graceful leaves around the flowers

16 January 2019 Every. Single. Week.

Stand tulips upright in a shallow container with a suspended twig armature.

26 February 2020 To top it all off

This is a great "space-keeper" design. The tulip will continue to grow into the vase height as they open... but until then the grass platform part of the design diverts your...

1 October 2012 How to catch a dew drop:

Weave a sphere from grass to catch a precious and exquisite and perfect glistening early autumn dew drop

20 January 2021 Hope Bubble

That good old double vase trick... but this time I deliberately added a bubble between the two layers to create a third circle in the design.

24 March 2021 To two too!

A Spring Tulip celebration design... with a special message