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Shelter grass veil for a round container

Secure a kenzan to the bottom of a display container

Secure a Kenzan to the bottom of a display container

If you are unsure of using a Kenzan (they are amazing!) turn to page 160 of my book- you will find loads of information. To get you started I have included a detailed Tutorial on how to secure a Kenzan below this post.

For more information about my book: The Effortless Floral Craftsman

Place a beautiful lily flower into the Kenzan teeth

Place a beautiful lily flower into the Kenzan teeth

Place sea glass pebbles over the kenzan to conceal it

Place sea glass pebbles over the Kenzan to conceal it.

Design note: urgh! we all want flowers to look absolutely flawless in our design. But what a waste to completely discard such a beautiful flower just because it has a few bruises. Here is a clever way of concealing imperfections...

Weave your sturdiest blade of grass over the container

Weave your sturdiest blade of grass over the container...

For me this will always be in a slightly off center position so that the veil falls slightly to one side. But you can adjust this to suit your own style.

Weave your next stem to cross over the first

Weave your next stem to cross over the first.

This week in our email I tell you about a memory of mine from the Chelsea flower show and discuss the habit-tip that absolutely saved my design.

Weave in the next blade of grass

Weave in the next blade of grass and if you need to, secure it like I mention in the email.

Once you have a stable veil add a few strategic blades of grass

Once you have a stable veil add a few strategic blades of grass that cross over the flower and hides any imperfections from view.

Add in a row of dew drop crystals

Add in a row of dew drop crystals. I use a corsage pin to add my crystals. It is such a delicate way to place these crystals without ever disturbing the design (see our email) or bruising even the most delicate petals. You can read more about this in my book but I also have a Tutorial for you on my how... and why below this post.

Add in the last few blades of grass to finish the design

Add in the last few blades of grass to finish the design.

... and now...

Test the design to make sure it is stable

newsletter subscribers... we give the design a...? to test the design to make sure it is stable.

Every week I add a new design with related tutorials. Be sure to subscribe to receive an email notification with design inspiration.


7 January 2015 Securing a kenzan

Temporarily adhere a traditional Ikebana Kenzan or pincushion to a shallow container.

14 August 2019 Long lasting Lily and lily grass ball

Keep all the fresh flower material hydrated in water by weaving the stems from one side of the vase to the other.

12 June 2019 Loop-over grass veil for a cool summer design

A cool and minimal floral design for summer.

8 June 2011 Foliage Weaving

For this tutorial I focus on a simple weave pattern that does not require you to soften or prepare the leaves to be more durable or flexible. This is the starting point in...

3 April 2013 Twin Leaf Weave

Weave two palm leaves together to create a floral grid

13 July 2016 Woven lily grass parachute armature

Weave a canopy or parachute shaped armature in a way that you can place the stems in two vases to keep it hydrated.

1 October 2012 Weaving a ball shaped Dew-drop Catcher from grass

Weave a sphere from grass

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

26 February 2020 Weave a grass Platform for an opening Tulip bud

Tulips continue to grow as they open. This means you not only have to be mindful of their proportions as they are now... but also as they will be once open.

7 February 2018 Bend Wired Equisetum into a Hollow Wreath

Craft a wreath with a hollow cavity inside to use as an armature for your flowers

2 January 2011 Lilies

How to keep Lilies in bud for longer. Removing the pollen. Stringing a Lily Garland.

12 March 2014 Grass tunnel that stays just so

Snip, roll and glue a few blades of grass to create a design feature

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Related Designs

16 June 2021 Dream Rescue

Weave the most delicate grass shelter veil for a gorgeous lily.

2 February 2022 Putting my feelers out

Adding just a little something to a bud vase design to connect them... and make it special.

25 May 2022 Grateful Heart

Frame a single perfect Bleeding heart flower in a leaf dot.

15 June 2022 Take a swing at it

A cooling design for early summer days with swinging ripped grass and more than enough water for thirsty hydrangeas.

10 May 2023 By the cone full

A small design to display those last Spring snippets from your garden...

6 September 2023 Mother Nature’s little magic to let us know Autumn is near

It's the little sun-washed coloured hints that makes you look again to see if you really saw what you thought you saw... yes! There really are signs of autumn everywhere!

14 August 2019 For a longer lasting Summer

A creative way to keep foliage hydrated for a cool, water filled summer design.

12 June 2019 Almost... all over!

Loop a grass veil over a lily stem to create a minimalist summer design.

3 April 2011 One Singular Sensation

Three Lilies plaited to create a sensational, singular flower "growing" out of a Equisetum dome filled with Rainbow Oasis pebbles.

25 February 2011 A Rock by any other Name...

It's not really what we call things that matter but what they are made of- in this design, it's made of all three types of Oasis and wool.

15 August 2018 Bursting with excitement

Loosely weave grass to create a decorative grid keeping flowers in place over a square container.

3 April 2013 April showers bring May flowers

After a long winter it is always fun to use the first spring bulb flowers!

13 July 2016 Woven

Weave a canopy or parachute shaped armature for orchids to perch on

1 October 2012 How to catch a dew drop:

Weave a sphere from grass to catch a precious and exquisite and perfect glistening early autumn dew drop

26 February 2020 To top it all off

This is a great "space-keeper" design. The tulip will continue to grow into the vase height as they open... but until then the grass platform part of the design diverts your...

7 February 2018 Up around the bend

Bend Equisetum into curves to wire into an open wreath shape

12 March 2014 Petrichor

A minimalist design in a shallow tray

11 April 2011 Veiled Sunshine:50th Anniversary of the South African Orchid Society at the Cape Town Convention Centre.

Bright and sunny cymbidium orchids and roses, lilies, lisianthus and pincushions