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Have yourself a Merry Cellulose Fibre Christmas: Yule log

...ok not really that fancy- it’s made from paper pulp. A cardboard box Yule log… really. In the spirit of 2020- I am inspired by the endless stream of cardboard boxes being delivered. Probably the one thing we all have in abundance right now!

Cardboard Yule log design by Christine de Beer

A homey...

Craft a yule log for Christmas decorating


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Red carnations for a rustic Christmas display


Easy and inexpensive floral designs to make yourself this Christmas


Foam free and zero waste floral design ideas for Christmas


Pave design without using floral foam

… and

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The Yule log, Yule clog, or Christmas block is a the Christmas tradition of choosing a special log to burn in the fireplace during Christmas time.

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18 November 2020 Foam free and flameless cardboard and bark yule log

Using all those cardboard boxes to craft a bark covered "log" design for getting a head start on Christmas decorating.

18 November 2020 Craft a single legged wire nest to place a flameless candle into your design

Super easy to add into your design and even easier to switch the candle on... and off, without disturbing the design details.

10 March 2012 Kyogi paper wood veneer

I wanted to create extremely light weight wooden blocks for my design. The easiest way is to cover Styrofoam with a Kyogi paper veneer.

15 December 2011 Measure the height of a table design from elbow to duck beak.

This is an easy and quick way to make sure your table design is the right hight

19 August 2015 Bark pod for growing a Pearl Oyster mushroom mini farm

Glue bark to a Papier Maché and wire frame to create a pod shaped armature

21 December 2016 Bark Christmas Stocking

Cover a wire frame to create a Christmas stocking armature

13 December 2017 Long lasting bark and Kalanchoe sleigh

Kalanchoe flowers last weeks without a water source and is the perfect way to dress up a bark and silver bell sleigh

14 December 2016 Bark and Cotton Candy Cane

Cover a cardboard shape in cotton and bark to create a floral armature

28 December 2016 Adding snow to twigs

Glue artificial snow to twigs

11 January 2017 Potted bark pod for a flowering plant

Cover a Styrofoam shape with bark to create a bowl for a potted design

17 September 2014 Bark Bowl

Glue bark onto a bowl to create a dome shape

5 February 2014 Bark Gift Bag

Cut and glue bark into a gift bag

18 December 2012 Fill hollow bark with test tubes

Glue tiny sections of pipe to the bark to fill as a water source for the fresh flower material

5 September 2012 Spiked Wire test tube catchers

Create a spiral to catch a test tube

10 July 2012 Bark covered heart

Cover cardboard with bark to create a heart shaped log

15 March 2012 Paper log stack

I made this log stack from cardboard covered with bark

13 April 2011 Wind Spinner

My inspiration for my Harnessing the Wind design was a wind spinner.

3 January 2011 Syringe with tube

Easy way to fill test tubes and easiest way to remove water from a vase

22 January 2013 Bark Veneer Cardboard Floral Cake

Glue a stack of cardboard circles to create a log-like floral cake

15 March 2017 Wedding welcome and direction sign

Hang a twig and wood mobile at your weeding as a direction board

Favourite Flowers


Pink, Carnation, Clove Pink, Chinese Pink

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25 November 2020 Have yourself a Merry Cellulose Fibre Christmas: Santa’s gift bag wreath

...ok not really that fancy- it’s made from paper pulp. A cardboard box gift bag wreath… really. In the spirit of 2020- I am inspired by the endless stream of cardboard boxes...

15 December 2011 Rocking around Three Candle Trees

Wire spirals twisted around candles to make small Christmas trees for the Christmas Eve dinner table

19 August 2015 Growth Medium

Design a bark and moss pod for a mushroom mini farm

21 December 2016 A Gleaming Cotton Christmas

Glue bark to a wire frame to create a Christmas stocking armature

13 December 2017 Just hear those sleigh bells jingling

Craft a bark sleigh that will last for weeks.

14 December 2016 A Candy(cane) Cotton Christmas

A floral cotton candy cane

18 December 2012 So this is Christmas, I hope you had fun…

Capilano Flower Arranging Club Designing for Christmas Workshop: Yule log

11 January 2017 As special as an almost never find

Sometimes you find such a beautiful plant that you just can't bring yourself to cut it. This design explores using the entire plant, pot and all, in a design

15 March 2017 Wedding Welcome

My article and wedding direction board design featured in DIY Weddings Magazine