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A Very Merry Dark chocolate Velvet Texture of Yore, Tall and Trendy Christmas Cheer

This Christmas the main aesthetic for 2023 is best described as… visiting Grandpa’s cabin in the woods. The entire look is under-stated but oh so nostalgic. Each week I will show you my take on the trends continuing with:

A Very Merry Dark chocolate Velvet Texture of Yore, Tall and Trendy Christmas Cheer floral design by Christine de Beer

Oh yes... texture.

Add natural brow velvet texture to floral designs with magnolia leaves

If you feel you want to update your festive decor with the minimum effort this week before Christmas…exchange the cord on your ornaments for velvet ribbon… and done! Your space is now oh so trendy, dressed up and cozy.

A velvety magnolia leaf tree

Velvet ornaments, velvet interior details… a velvety magnolia leaf tree.

Star filled natural Christmas tree decorations

Velvet (in dark chocolate!) is the”it” texture (and colour) of the design season and a big trend for 2023. In fact texture is THE trend for 2023. Even Sherpa, boulce, velvet, silk, wool, knit and faux furs, rustic bark… think fanciful and romantic.

Star and Magnolia leaf Christmas tree craft

And be generous. Add an extra long string of twinkling lights. Or cut your ribbon extra, extra, extra long and let them hang oversized to add romance (or drama) to your festive decorations. Or long strands of tinsel. Or long icicles. Think of long, tall vertical lines.

How to fold a string of lights into a star garland

And if we are adding long vertical lines we need tall trees to hang them from. This year (maybe in response to the bowls of greenery we are cutting and setting everywhere) exposed trunks at the bottom of trees are everywhere.

Trends for Christmas tall trees with a scene on the ground below

Cut the bottom branches to lift the greenery from the ground. And create a cozy scene instead of a tree skirt in the open gap.

Christmas 2023 is standing tall.

Have a Merry Christmas, flower buddies

Magnolia Christmas tree demonstration by Christine de Beer

Special thank you to the BC Floral Art Society this was also the second of my 4 demonstration designs that we looked at Tuesday morning at the Christmas Celebration.

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20 December 2023 Velvet Magnolia Leaf Christmas Tree

Cozy textured tall and luxurious table top tree design.

20 December 2023 Starlight Garland

Fold a continues strand of stars on a wire fairy light strand.

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

16 November 2022 Magnolia Rose Bowl with the brightest Holly berries and Kalanchoe flowers

Long lasting berries, magnolia leaves and succulent (kalanchoe) flowers that can remain without any water or maintenance for... well... all the way to Christmas!

20 December 2017 Twinkle and Pine Christmas Star

Use a cardboard shape to craft a simple wire Christmas star

14 December 2016 Bark and Cotton Candy Cane

Cover a cardboard shape in cotton and bark to create a floral armature

14 December 2022 Sparkle Spool and Velvet Magnolia Table Top Christmas Tree

A pretty way to warm up your living space with the luxurious velvet texture you find on the underside of Magnolia leaves.

19 December 2018 Sparkling Eucalyptus Tabletop Christmas tree

Craft an ethereal Christmas tree from Eucalyptus leaves, twigs and sparkling snow flake crystals.

4 December 2019 Eucalyptus collar for a snow-covered Christmas candle

Not only will your home smell wonderful while crafting this design you will also have a ethereal and long lasting design to enjoy.

21 December 2016 Bark Christmas Stocking

Cover a wire frame to create a Christmas stocking armature

28 December 2016 A bark strip and fluffed cotton disk wreath

Cover a wreath frame with bark strips and fluffed out cotton

18 November 2020 Foam free and flameless cardboard and bark yule log

Using all those cardboard boxes to craft a bark covered "log" design for getting a head start on Christmas decorating.

28 December 2016 Adding snow to twigs

Glue artificial snow to twigs

13 December 2017 Long lasting bark and Kalanchoe sleigh

Kalanchoe flowers last weeks without a water source and is the perfect way to dress up a bark and silver bell sleigh

Favourite Flowers


Christmas Kalanchoe, Kalanchöe or Kalanchoë

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22 January 2013 It's High Time for Tea: from craft to art, taking a delicious floral journey with veneer techniques

This was my second two designs for my It's High Time for Tea Floral Craft and Art Demonstration at The Capilano Flower Arranging Club meeting.

20 December 2017 A Very Merry Christmas Star

A wire Christmas star with a secret plan to hide the twinkle

14 December 2016 A Candy(cane) Cotton Christmas

A floral cotton candy cane

14 December 2022 Joyf'ly

Table top Christmas tree with a fairy light twig trunk.

19 December 2018 Oh Florist-tree

Craft an Eucalyptus Christmas tree

4 December 2019 A Very Merry eucalyptus-collar-candle Christmas!

An easy and naturally fragrant winter white candle decoration to bring nature into your house this Christmas.

21 December 2016 A Gleaming Cotton Christmas

Glue bark to a wire frame to create a Christmas stocking armature

28 December 2016 A Jingle Cotton Christmas

Cover a wreath frame with bark and cotton for a textured Christmas wreath design

18 November 2020 Have yourself a Merry Cellulose Fibre Christmas: Yule log

...ok not really that fancy- it’s made from paper pulp. A cardboard box Yule log… really. In the spirit of 2020- I am inspired by the endless stream of cardboard boxes being...

13 December 2023 A Very Merry Naked Tree and Woodland Woodsy and Oversized Flowers Trendy Christmas Cheer

From now to a bit after New Year's Eve I will show you my take on the trends for Christmas 2023. This week I am continuing with a garland bowl and a cone and twig reindeer.

13 December 2017 Just hear those sleigh bells jingling

Craft a bark sleigh that will last for weeks.