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A Very Merry Gilded Paper Ornament and Yule Log Trendy Christmas/New Year’s Cheer

This Christmas the main aesthetic for 2023 was best described as… visiting Grandpa’s cabin in the woods. The entire look is under-stated but oh so nostalgic. Each week I showed you my take on the trends… concluding this week with a look ahead for my New Year’s design:

A Very Merry Paper Ornament Trendy Christmas New Year’s Cheer floral design by Christine de Beer

The cabin part is the yule log… a special log in a fireplace burned for luck and fortune. Combine that with an evergreen craft also deeply rooted in nostalgia. Right on trend, then!

Using origami in floral designs

Remember making paper ornaments for your Christmas tree in school? Baubles, fans and garlands and even trees.

How to use folded paper sparklers in a floral arrangement

Historians are unable to pinpoint the exact date for the origins of origami but it is safe to assume it is as old as paper. There is even evidence that the process of folding art was practiced with cloth and leather well before paper was even discovered.

Helleborus in winter floral designs

Paper folding is never really not trendy in some shape.

The trend of paper chain garlands we still see on Christmas trees dates back to the 1850’s. In 1926 paper folding was taught in schools and made kids Christmas paper crafts not just trendy but a lasting tradition.

Yule log floral design with succulents and artificial snow

Then in the midst of World War II paper folding was oh so trendy again because it was an affordable option for Christmas decorations and in the 1960’s paper doilies angels were just the thing… and here we are with our own contemporary take (and reasons)… again.

Silver leaf on candles for a Christmas display

Paper creations and paper crafts are more sophisticated and intricate and popular than ever. For good reason! It is easy to store flat, is versatile and sustainable.

Succulents and snow floral design for winter

Which is why this is my New Year's trend… Paper Ornaments (we are seeing paper quilling, oversized accordion-style Christmas trees and smaller ones too, and honeycomb ornaments, paper mache figurines) are all great options if you want to switch out decorations more often without creating so much trash or to replace plastic decorations with altogether.

How to design a floral display that is easy to replace the fresh flowers in

This trend is one to watch and a skill to invest time in … it’s sure to be back next… urhm… this year.

Paper snowflakes for a new years eve floral display

Happy New Year flower buddies!

Floral design demonstration by Christine de Beer

Special thank you to the BC Floral Art Society this was also the last of my 4 demonstration designs... but you will notice I replaced the Christmas trees that I showed at the demonstration with New Year's snowflakes for our Tutorial this week.

Club members and demonstration attendees: the Tree Tutorial is still available for you to view. You can find the link in your club email. Or reply "link" to this week's email from me and I will forward the link directly to you.

Every week I add a new design with related tutorials. Be sure to subscribe to receive an email notification with design inspiration.


3 January 2024 Succulent and gilded flameless candle yule log display stand

A robust stand with tall dowel sticks to slip your display over.

3 January 2024 Silver leaf Paper Snowflakes to display your winter flowers on

Fold some snowflakes to display your beautiful winter flowers on.

3 January 2024 Magnetic silverleaf bell and snowy twig clusters to suspend your flowers in a display

An easy to remove and put back bundle of winter twigs to add to a display.

29 January 2011 Brick on a stick

Create simple but effective stands for Floral Art

28 December 2016 Adding snow to twigs

Glue artificial snow to twigs

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

6 December 2017 Barely there twig tabletop Christmas tree

Glue curved twig snippets to craft a delicate winter white Christmas tree

6 December 2017 Fluffy pillow filler tree skirt

The fluffy stuffing found in pillows create beautiful, water repellent tree skirts.

27 November 2012 Fluff cotton wool for snow

Cotton balls can be unrolled and fluffed to create long garlands of "snow"

18 November 2020 Foam free and flameless cardboard and bark yule log

Using all those cardboard boxes to craft a bark covered "log" design for getting a head start on Christmas decorating.

21 December 2022 Winter Solstice Kalanchoe and Berry twig Lantern

Soft and minimal glow lantern that you can make ahead of time to last all Festive Season.

7 December 2022 Fork In the Twig Tree

Minimal and so easy to do... craft an upside down twig tree.

5 January 2022 Double vase Snow Glow Winter Centerpiece

Add warmth to a space with a softly glowing winter white arrangement

11 December 2019 Twig and twinkle Christmas Tree

A light as snow twig and Christmas light armature

4 January 2023 Snow glow fluffy display bed for your design details

A cranberry lantern to cozy up a white winter's evening.

Favourite Flowers

Ceropegia woodii

Rosary vine, Chain of Hearts, Collar of hearts and String of hearts


Echiveria, Hen and chicks

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5 January 2022 Slow Glow

A slow but glowing start to the New Year and the new design season

4 January 2023 Around and about the new year

A glowing cranberry ball for frosty evening decorating.

2 December 2020 Have yourself a Merry Cellulose Fibre Christmas: Lost and Found Snow Mittens

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