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Brick on a stick

This is extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways. If I could only have one item to display my work on it will be my Brick on a Stick.

brick on a stick

Two examples- one with an Aluminium pipe and one wooden dowel (stained dark brown)

Brick hole

Drill a small guide hole into the brick. Then drill a hole the size of your stick.

Place epoxy glue deep into the hole

Place epoxy glue into the hole in the brick with a wooden skewer

Glue in the stick.

Glue in the stick.

Brick glue

Keep it perfectly upright until the glue is set.

Mud Stand

A bit different but still made in the same basic way, only this time the metal rod protrudes from the side.

Glue in two wires.

Another variation is to drill two small holes and glue in two long but sturdy wires.

Wire brick stand.

My wire brick stand ready to design with

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