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Make the design

Make the design floral art design

The details

Reed cradle

are not

Phalaenopsis orchid design

the details.

Phalaenopsis orchid in the reed cradle armature


Phalaenopsis orchid and rosary vine in the reed cradle armature


Phalaenopsis orchid and rosary vine and pearl beads in the reed cradle armature

the design

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29 June 2016 Reed Cradle Armature

Glue reeds on a wire frame to create a dimensional armature to suspend orchids in

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

29 January 2011 Brick on a stick

Create simple but effective stands for Floral Art

3 January 2011 Syringe with tube

Easy way to fill test tubes and easiest way to remove water from a vase

16 August 2011 Fast way to fill a lot of test tubes in awkward places

I do not believe in arranging flowers without a water source of some kind. I want my flowers to remain as beautiful for as long as possible and I often get quite creative to...

24 July 2012 Stacked Twig Roundabout

This is a great way to use all those bits of twigs and sticks in your design room to make a floral armature

8 October 2012 Mikado Reed Line-up

Creating a good quality armature makes it effortless for you to replace flowers, as they fade, with fresh blooms for an ever changing and long lasting floral design.

16 May 2013 Weaving a pod shape from ripped foliage

Weave a pod shape armature

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Ceropegia woodii

Rosary vine, Chain of Hearts, Collar of hearts and String of hearts

Tillandsia Usneoides

Spanish moss, Florida moss, long moss, or graybeard

Related Designs

3 May 2017 Oh just...

Braid a few twigs to dance around your flowers

10 May 2017 About a line

Skewer and line up leaves to create an armature

5 December 2018 Personal Preference

The third design I did for my book launch demonstration looking at aspects that influences my effortless style of designing.

18 March 2011 SHAPE

Chrysanthemum Hourglass

11 April 2011 Veiled Sunshine:50th Anniversary of the South African Orchid Society at the Cape Town Convention Centre.

Bright and sunny cymbidium orchids and roses, lilies, lisianthus and pincushions

12 April 2011 Oh, What Twisted Tales We Weave

"What Twisted Tales We Weave" design 2010 Floral Trends Design Group, South Africa.

29 January 2011 Ground Breaking

Water stream breaking through ground in an autumn forest.

13 April 2011 Harnessing the Wind

14 April 2011 In the Bag

My bag was woven from re-purposed wire and recycled fishing line and tiny stems of growing sweet pea plants and orchids

22 February 2012 Nuts and Bolts of Floral Art Mechanics

My design entered for evaluation at the Floral Trends Design Group meeting in South Africa

30 May 2012 The Beauty in the Sleeping Woods

As a floral artist I am inspired by the endurance of nature and my work is still re-creating the Sleeping Beauty Castle of my imagination.

8 October 2012 Making an effort to appear effortless

Effortless is hard work! Effortless is difficult to achieve! Effortless takes years! The reward is exactly that; your work will be without effort. My article in the Canadian...

10 January 2013 A quirky kind of Love

Retail florists and wholesalers are already designing, ordering and preparing their product range for Valentine's Day. This is my article that I wrote for the December 2012...

16 May 2013 Natural, naturally

Weave a armature to rest a lily on

22 July 2015 Fluffy

Fluff out Washi paper to create a delicate armature