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Long Lichen branches to dress up a curvy vase

Place the two lichen covered branches to overlap around the neck of a curvy vase

Place the two lichen covered branches to overlap so that it rests around the neck of a curvy vase. Secure both ends with wire. Try to find a "natural" spot for the branches by experimenting with the position so that the branches naturally curve around and rest on the curves of the glass container.

Tie two more sections of wire around the vase

Connect the branches close to the neck of the vase with two more wires. This secures the branches in place so that it does not wobble.

Wiggle the vase so that the branches settle into position

Wiggle the vase so that the branches settle into position.

Spritz the lichen branches with water to perk it up

Spritz the lichen branches with water to perk it up. You can also preposition and fluff it out with a wooden skewer.

Wrap battery operated fairy lights around the design

Add your design details. For my design I glued in a few drinking straw water tubes (see below for detailed instructions) and a few dried mushrooms (see the Tutorial below for detailed instructions).

I also added a few twigs just resting over the opening of the vase...

To point inward towards the focal point: the orchids floating on their bubble wrap raft.

Flowers float in water

Flowers float in water, they just don't float on water. For that they need a little bit of help. Floating flowers on a tiny bubble wrap skirt creates a raft that prevents water from seeping through the petals and weighing the flowers down. It also helps the flowers last longer because only the stem-ends are in water.

See the Tutorial below for more detailed instructions on how to craft a bubble wrap skirt to float flowers.

Design note: For my design I wanted the flowers to barely peek over the rim of the vase. Adjust the water level so that it just, just not spill over with a syringe and tube. See the Tutorials below for detailed instructions on how I make the syringe with tube.

Lastly I added the battery operated lights

Lastly I added the battery operated lights. Secure the battery pocket right next to the vase to balance on the wire. You can see the battery pocket if you look just behind my hand in the picture.

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3 January 2012 Bubble raft to float flowers

Flowers naturally float in water. They just don’t always naturally float on water. For that they sometimes need a bit of help.

13 April 2012 Drying Mushrooms for Floral Art

I use edible mushrooms in my designs. To preserve them I press a tiny stake into the base and let them air-dry.

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

3 January 2011 Syringe with tube

Easy way to fill test tubes and easiest way to remove water from a vase

20 December 2017 Secret Battery holder

Sometimes the best way to hide something in your design is right in the open

24 July 2012 Stacked Twig Roundabout

This is a great way to use all those bits of twigs and sticks in your design room to make a floral armature

29 June 2016 Reed Cradle Armature

Glue reeds on a wire frame to create a dimensional armature to suspend orchids in

22 May 2012 Bite and snap a sturdy twig

Break the sturdy twig on the scribe line.

4 May 2016 Loosened Wreath Armature

Snip a dried twig wreath to undo the spirals to hang around a glass container

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

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5 December 2018 Personal Preference

The third design I did for my book launch demonstration looking at aspects that influences my effortless style of designing.

20 December 2017 A Very Merry Christmas Star

A wire Christmas star with a secret plan to hide the twinkle

18 December 2013 Jingle Belling

Glue a stacked twig round-about to use as a Christmas table top wreath

29 June 2016 Make the design

Weave a reed cradle to suspend orchids from

4 May 2016 Ring-a-round

Open a vine wreath to create a spiral twig armature around a glass container

24 May 2017 Link

weave a few wreaths to link

3 January 2012 Going Cold Twinkle Turkey

Is it better to go Cold Twinkle Turkey and embrace the minimalist living room or rather ease into it?

19 March 2014 One of one of everyone

Float flowers using a bubble wrap raft

24 September 2014 Leapfrog

Fold and weave a frog from grass

15 July 2015 So Fine

Use transparencies to create floating devices for the flower material