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Drying Mushrooms for Floral Art

Cut the mushroom to have a neat flat base.

Cut the mushroom to have a neat flat base.

Cut the Mikado Reed sticks at a sharp angle.

Cut a Mikado Reed sticks at a sharp angle.

Mikado Reed sticks spear.

I use the Mikado Reed sticks as a spear.

Skewer the mushroom with the Mikado Reed sticks.

Spear the mushroom.

Press the mushroom into piece of polystyrene .

Press the mushroom into piece of polystyrene to stand up.

Air-dry button mushrooms

I love the look of Shiitake Mushrooms but any mushrooms will work.

Use a pin to skewer smaller mushrooms.

Use a pin to spear smaller mushrooms.

Let the mushrooms dry out.

Let the mushrooms dry out. It usually takes about a day for the smaller mushrooms and a bit longer for the larger ones.

The mushrooms shrink as they dry.

The mushrooms shrink as they dry and the reed or pin will now be locked in position.

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Favourite Flowers

Lentinula edodes

Shiitake Mushrooms

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