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Spring Has Sprung!

Capilano Flower Arranging Club workshop design.

Spring Has Sprung Floral Art design.

The sprouts are sprouting and the bees are being and the birds are birding.

Floral Art design using new growth.

It’s spring, again!

Midelino cane Coils and wire emphasizes the spring coils and bright green colour of spring.

Every winter, especially towards the end of a long, dark and wet winter, you will hear someone grumbling that it might never warm up again.

Midelino cane coils around the design.

And then one morning, quite unexpectedly all the twigs that looked so dead unfolds delicate green stems and bursts with new life.

Moss and Mushrooms on the twigs.

New growth and new possibilities

Soft white feathers in the Spring Has Sprung design.

The promise that sleepy winter made, fulfilled with great enthusiasm

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13 April 2012 Staining Midelino cane Coils

White Midelino cane is easy to stain in any colour

13 April 2012 Drying Mushrooms for Floral Art

I use edible mushrooms in my designs. To preserve them I press a tiny stake into the base and let them air-dry.

13 April 2012 A secret trick to conditioning new growth

Conditioning new growth and sprouts are difficult because the little sprouts have not had time to fully develop its cellular structure to survive being cut and taking up water on...

Favourite Flowers

Lentinula edodes

Shiitake Mushrooms

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