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The Beauty in the Sleeping Woods

Floral Art Design The Beauty in the Sleeping Woods.

My favourite fairy tale as a little girl was Sleeping Beauty. I would read the story not for the princess sleeping or the prince on his rescue mission.

Sleeping beauty

Nope, I was enchanted by the rose bushes and roots and plants that grew for one hundred years undisturbed...

Overgrown and undisturbed roses

Twisted and tangled...

Overgrown rose wreath.

and gnarled with spiky thorns.

Dried hydrangea and palm garlands

Powerful nature restoring itself.

Plaiting a palm thorn garland for the wreath.

As a floral artist I am inspired by the endurance of nature and my work is still re-creating the Sleeping Beauty Castle of my imagination.

Sleeping Beauty:
or Little Briar Rose or Afrikaans: Doring Rosie, French: La Belle au bois dormant, (The Beauty in the sleeping wood) German: Dornrösche, Dutch:Doornroosje

is a classic fairytale by the Brothers Grimm about some spinning, a pretty princess, enchantment and a prince who knew how to prune. But mostly it is about lots and lots of fantastic plant material…. how else could they have lived happily ever after?

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30 May 2012 Drying Hydrangeas: Fast, Flat or Natural

Use all three methods to dry hydrangeas to get three very different textures to use in design work.

30 May 2012 Plaiting a palm thorn garland

This is the basic technique used in traditional Easter crafts to plait a crown of thorns.

24 July 2012 Stacked Twig Roundabout

This is a great way to use all those bits of twigs and sticks in your design room to make a floral armature

Favourite Flowers




Hydrangea, when cultivated as a cut flower rather as a plant it is often revered to as Hortensia

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