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Wish Upon a Dandelion Star

This Design Tutorial is featured on The Conna Flower and Garden Club (Ireland) website. It is part of their Floral Art Lessons program that demonstrates new techniques, ideas and principles of Flower Arranging by International Designers.

Wish Upon a Dandelion Star.

Star light,

Glue in the dandelion seeds to make sure they dont blow away.

Star bright,

Floral Art design Gypsophila and Dandelion shooting star.

First star

Add a few grasses and white feathers.

I see tonight...

Wish Upon a Dandelion and Gypsophila stick Star.

I wish I may,

Dandelion seeds and baby’s breath star

I wish I might,

Wish Upon a Dandelion and Gyp Star.

Have this wish

Keep the design light and airy.

I wish tonight…

Wish Upon a Dandelion Star seen from the back.

We can wish for what we dream of upon a shooting star, keep our fingers crossed or puff a dandelion wish...

Fluffy dandelion and gyp star with barbed wire.

Or we could just get on with it and build the dream, one stick at a time...

About the title:
"Star Light, Star Bright" is an English language nursery rhyme

The Conna Flower and Garden Club Lessons Flipbook.

Thank you Conna Flower and Garden Club for featuring my design tutorial.

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12 June 2012 Sticky Shooting Star

Glue gypsophila sticks, flowers and dandelion seeds into a star shape

12 June 2012 Delicate Decorative Barbed Wire

Very thin barbed wire to add contrast to a soft and fluffy design

Favourite Flowers


Baby’s breath, soap wort, Gyp, Gypsophila

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