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As if by magic

Christine de Beer As if by magic floral design

If you

No floral foam way to keep flowers in a container

had to guess…

Dark anthuriums in a sustainable no waste floral design

Where would you say

Unique and easy to do flower arranging ideas

All that

Free tutorials to learn how to arrange flowers

magic goes

A fun and easy way to design with flowers

Once you know how

Keep flowers in place without oasis floral foam

The trick

Eco friendly no waste sustainable floral design ideas for florists

Is done???

(shared with love, as always)

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3 June 2020 Craft a sturdy “that should be impossible” grid to support even heavier flowers

Using the same flower stems, only dry, to craft a grid for the same flowers stems, only fresh

4 November 2015 Bleached Baby’s Breath Wreath

Glue a radiating wreath from bleached Gyp

4 November 2015 Bleached Gypsophila

Gypsophila dries really well and can be bleached to a stunning winter white

25 November 2015 Winter White Gyp Wreath

A dried wreath in winter white

12 June 2012 Sticky Shooting Star

Glue gypsophila sticks, flowers and dandelion seeds into a star shape

26 July 2017 Half wire half grass tangle to keep stems in place

Tangle and shape wire to create a half moon for grass and gyp to rest in

30 May 2018 Snippet grid

Glue grass stem snippets to create a natural grid over a shallow container

Favourite Flowers


Anthurium, Tailflower, painters palette, Flamingo flower


Baby’s breath, soap wort, Gyp, Gypsophila

Related Designs

4 November 2015 Delicate

Bleached Gypsophila wreath with delicate autumn touches

25 November 2015 So white

A dried Baby's breath and fresh orchid wreath

30 November 2016 All things Autumn (by which I mean all things chocolate): Worth a second look

This was the fourth (and last) design I did in my "All things Autumn (by which I mean all things chocolate)" floral art demonstration

11 June 2012 Wish Upon a Dandelion Star

A sticky shooting star made with gypsophila stems and fluffy dandelion seeds

26 July 2017 Beat the summer heat

Tangle some wire to set flowers in water

12 April 2011 Intimate Dinner For Two- Table Setting Competition Class

Floral Sushi Dinner, for two

30 April 2015 Layer

Design One from my Inspiration Video: Use the same floral ingredients, willow twigs, Lichen, Spanish Moss, Kalanchoe and Gypsophila to make three distinctly different contemporary...

23 July 2014 Chain of Thought

Knot small stems into decorative chain garlands

22 October 2014 Stand Around

Fold and roll leaves to create an Autumn swirl

12 August 2015 Catch of the Day

Weave a loose basket to display a single flower... or three

12 November 2014 The Thing Is

Use a glue mixture to shape skeleton leaves into a lacy bowl