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The thing is floral art design


Brassia orchid and skeleton leaves


Brassia Orchid


Skeleton leaf bowl


Spider orchid in a skeleton leaf bowl


Skeletonize autumn leaves to shape into a floral bowl


Quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty spoken by the character Sean O’Connell

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12 November 2014 Skeleton leaf bowl

Stiffen some skeletonize leaves into a lacy fine floral bowl

22 September 2012 Skeleton Leaves

Remove the pulp from leaves so that only the vain framework remain

4 January 2011 Drinking straw "test tubes"

When you need to keep a tiny stem hydrated this is just what you need.

25 August 2011 Placing orchids in test tubes

Cut the Phalaenopsis orchid with a bit of green stem attached. This will make them last longer.

28 August 2013 Unravel Sisal string to get Sisal Fibers

I purchase a huge roll of sisal string to use... sometimes as string, but mostly I unravel it for the fibers

26 June 2012 Berry dye for sisal fibers

Soak sisal fibres in strawberry and black berry juice to stain it purple

24 August 2011 Stain wooden skewers with natural dye

Using fruit, berries, flowers, leaves and grasses to naturally stain design details for floral art relies on the same techniques as using paint or any other dye.

Favourite Flowers


Spider orchid

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23 December 2015 Dear Santa,

Gift boxes from skeleton leaves

18 October 2017 On the inside

For a softer autumn leaf pod turn the leaves so that the bright side faces in when making the pod.

25 October 2017 When the pretty eyeballs you back!

Barely there skeleton blossoms with Eucalyptus eyes for my Halloween design... Oh! and a Willow Paddle, which probably should have been the main Tutorial... but... well...

3 June 2020 As if by magic

An impossibly delicate looking way to securely keep flowers in place over a clear container.