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The struggle is real!

Ah mistletoe… it’s rather controversial isn’t it? From being toxic… a hemiparasite… a toxic, hemiparasite lovingly referred to as “dung-on-a-twig”
... and that tiny little snag that it is never, at all ever, ever, available here. And you know how they say once all the berries fall from the mistletoe branch its Christmas magic is gone? Uh huh… faux get all that!

And now that we have an equally controversial (see my newsletter this week for my explanation on why I added the 3 faux designs) work-around for the Mistletoe bit let’s rather focus on the other… the bigger problem... when it comes to designing with Mistletoe:

The struggle is real floral art design for a winter wonderland Christmas

Where shall we hang it!?! Here is my strategy:

How to design with faux mistletoe so that it looks magical

You know

Contemporary floral design with artificial plant material

the kitchen work triangle principle that

When to use plastic plant material in a flower arrangement

kitchen designers and architects use

Mistletoe in a contemporary Christmas floral design

when designing residential kitchens?

Everlasting winter wonderland Christmas decor design

Well, right in the middle of that triangle,

The struggle is real floral art design

that is where I hang the everlasting*** sprig of mistletoe.

*** It’s not really, really fake… if it’s everlasting on purpose!

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27 November 2019 How to make a just-picked-it-a-moment-ago snow covered icicle and mistletoe hanging branch bunch

Gather a few branches to hang as a magical winter wonderland Christmas decoration.

27 November 2019 Fake real stems-ends for real fake branches

Add a real stem to shorter artificial branches to incorporate them into a design.

13 November 2019 How to use artificial plants or faux plants to create beautiful and long lasting decorations without it looking tacky or... sad.

What if you absolutely HAVE to decorate with faux plants? Here are my guiding rules when it comes to styling with permanent botanicals

27 November 2019 Perk up faux plant material and flowers that are not wired

A sprig of wired faux plant material is easy to bend back into a more natural position. Plastic plant material without a wire in their stems need a bit of help to get back into...

28 December 2016 Adding snow to twigs

Glue artificial snow to twigs

4 December 2013 Large wax snowflakes

Artificial snow can be very "chemical" and flowers deteriorate quickly when exposed to it. It also dissolves in water. I use candle wax as "snow"

13 November 2019 How to dress a shop bought artificial wreath to go from meh to: it looks so real!

Just a few adjustments can transform a boring artificial wreath into a high end looking designer decoration.

13 November 2019 A tangle of ribbon instead of a bow for an unusual winter design

I wanted my design to look more "found this way" than "designed this way" so I strategically tangled the ribbon to dangle down the design rather than tie it in a neat bow.

25 December 2018 Twig Snowflake

Glue twigs into a snowflake twig armature for Christmas trimmings.

22 May 2012 Bite and snap a sturdy twig

Break the sturdy twig on the scribe line.

6 December 2017 Barely there twig tabletop Christmas tree

Glue curved twig snippets to craft a delicate winter white Christmas tree

28 December 2016 A bark strip and fluffed cotton disk wreath

Cover a wreath frame with bark strips and fluffed out cotton

2 December 2015 Silver bell Christmas Greenery kissing ball

Use delicate sprigs of cypress or juniper, fir, pine, eucalyptus, ivy or a combination of them all to create a winter themed kissing bough

20 December 2017 Twinkle and Pine Christmas Star

Use a cardboard shape to craft a simple wire Christmas star

19 February 2013 Manipulating stems: Snapping at an angle, Bending, Spiraling, Curling and Straightening

Most stems, twigs and even sturdier branches can be bend into shapes. It takes practice and more than a bit of patience. The main idea is to slowly manipulate the branch without...

30 October 2013 Straightening wire

Wire is always sold in a roll and it can be very frustrating to try to remove bends, kinks and curls.

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30 December 2020 All is Calm, All is Bright

An easy to do ahead of time winter wonderland themed design for the calm days just after Christmas but before New Years Eve.

20 November 2019 Not just a pretty face!

Design 2 of my three week pre-Christmas designing series looking at How to style with artificial plants and branches using quality faux plants and stems. This week: wired branches

13 November 2019 It’s unreal!

Design 1 of my three week pre-Christmas designing series looking at How to style with artificial plants and branches using quality faux plants and stems. This week: a wreath

11 June 2012 Wish Upon a Dandelion Star

A sticky shooting star made with gypsophila stems and fluffy dandelion seeds

25 November 2015 So white

A dried Baby's breath and fresh orchid wreath

6 December 2017 While I sing of beauty's treasure

Glue the most delicate twig table top Christmas tree

28 December 2016 A Jingle Cotton Christmas

Cover a wreath frame with bark and cotton for a textured Christmas wreath design

2 December 2015 Stacking the odds in your favour

Cover a wire frame for a winter kissing bough.

20 December 2017 A Very Merry Christmas Star

A wire Christmas star with a secret plan to hide the twinkle