My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman

Not just a pretty face!

Special note: this design smells amazing. A-ma-zing!

Not just a pretty face floral art design

When the pretty you add does double duty

How to make eucalyptus roses

It adds the sparkle and adds the structure

Eucalyptus fragranced winter floral design

Holds in place and holds the interest

Making paper flowers only use eucalyptus leaves

It jingles and it jungles

Rolling the petals releases the fragrance

It’s all bendy so that the twigs can be held in place

A healing winter craft that can be used in flower arranging

It’s frosted on the outside so that it can remain frosted when inside

Long lasting Christmas flower arrangement

Pretty and functional

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20 November 2019 Use wired faux elements to secure your design

When you use wired branches they double as... well... wires to secure your other design details. This is such a quick and easy design solution!

20 November 2019 Cracked ice, freshly fallen snow and fire... in a bud vase

It looks like these candles are thoroughly snowed and iced in place but they actually rest just below the edge of a bud vase so that they can be taken out to switch the battery...

30 December 2015 Eucalyptus rose

Release the soothing effect of the aroma and vapors from the Eucalyptus leaves my slightly crushing it while making roses

28 December 2016 Adding snow to twigs

Glue artificial snow to twigs

3 January 2012 Cellophane wrap cracked ice

Cellophane and plastic wrap in a clear vase, filled with water, creates a cracked ice effect

28 February 2011 Paper flowers

You can use any type of paper to make flowers. I use tissue paper, Crêpe paper, cardboard, newsprint and coffee filters (new and used) to make sweet peas, carnations, paper...

23 January 2019 Zig-Zag fold plastic for a flower stem support

Zig Zag fold clear plastic for a flower stem support that looks like ice

6 September 2011 Autumn leaf Roses

I used to make baskets full of these when I was a little girl. We had a big Acasia thorn tree and I used to spear my “roses” onto the tree pretending I was the fairy responsible...

4 December 2013 Large wax snowflakes

Artificial snow can be very "chemical" and flowers deteriorate quickly when exposed to it. It also dissolves in water. I use candle wax as "snow"

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27 November 2019 The struggle is real!

Design 3 looking at How to style with artificial plants and branches using quality faux plants and stems. This week: mistletoe! And also .. give your faux a reason for being...

30 December 2020 All is Calm, All is Bright

An easy to do ahead of time winter wonderland themed design for the calm days just after Christmas but before New Years Eve.

3 January 2012 Going Cold Twinkle Turkey

Is it better to go Cold Twinkle Turkey and embrace the minimalist living room or rather ease into it?

23 January 2019 Do they have cold feet?

Keep flower stems upright with a folded cellophane plastic support that looks like cracked ice.

30 December 2015 Achoo! Season

Fold and roll a rose from Eucalyptus leaves

1 March 2017 Gumusservi

To celebrate the 6th year anniversary of My Creative Workbook I am looking at the most popular Tutorial I have done to date:

8 January 2014 It's stick season!

Snap and stack an glue a few twigs to create a lace like armature

31 October 2018 Scary stuff!

My Halloween design... with some scary stuff hidden if you can read between the leaves!

13 November 2019 It’s unreal!

Design 1 of my three week pre-Christmas designing series looking at How to style with artificial plants and branches using quality faux plants and stems. This week: a wreath