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Autumn leaf Roses

I used to make baskets full of these when I was a little girl. We had a big Acasia thorn tree and I used to spear my roses onto the tree pretending I was the fairy responsible for bringing blossoms.

Start folding the leaf rose

Begin your rose by rolling a middle bud. Secure it with wire that will also become the stem

I used the rolled roses to decorate my Autumn themed Serviette Rings (see below for the Tutorial) But you can continue to make an even more detailed petalled rose.

Roll leaves into rose petals

I prefer to roll all my petals in advance. Roll the top thin part of the leaf then roll the two sides of the leaf creating three rolled sides and set aside.

Start adding the leaves from small to big.

Roll the leaves to look like rose petals

This works best if the leaves are slightly dehydrated but not yet dry. I prefer to collect the leaves first thing in the morning.

Adding petals

Continue adding petals to create a nice full shaped rose

Salmon pink autumn leaf rose

Salmon pink autumn leaf rose

Clutch wrap a wire around the stem ends to tie the leaves together

Wrap the stem with lily grass

Wrap the stem with lily grass

Cut and glue 5 sepals from lily grass

Cut and glue five sepals from lily grass onto the rose stem

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6 September 2011 Autumn leaf Composite Flower

Glue a round Autumn leaf Composite Flower.

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