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Roll spiral blossoms

Physalis sepals are excellent for making spiral flowers because they dry so well.

Roll spiral blossoms from Physalis sepals

Cut the tip and the rounded end that connects the fruit to the pod away to create a rough round shape. Cut a spiral shape. Curl the spiral.

Rose petal

You can also use rose petals

Rose leaf corsage

Or any leaf that will dry well. Just cut in a spiral.

Rose leaf roll

And roll.

Rose leaf 1

Rose leaf spiral blossom


You can, of course, also use paper to make a spiral blossom.

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6 September 2011 Autumn leaf Roses

I used to make baskets full of these when I was a little girl. We had a big Acasia thorn tree and I used to spear my “roses” onto the tree pretending I was the fairy responsible...

6 September 2011 Autumn leaf Composite Flower

Glue a round Autumn leaf Composite Flower.

15 December 2011 Spiral wire support pressed into a candle

The wire spirals are supported on wire sections pressed into the wax

22 May 2012 Spiral twig frog

Multiple tiny twigs create a flower frog to keep the delicate buds and leaves in the exact spot you want.

13 October 2011 Spiral Wire Cages

The cage spirals to form a basket that wrap around the plump ripe berries (or you can slip in a flower) to hang as connections between the twigs.

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