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Thanksgiving Harvest

Canadian Thanksgiving falls on Monday, Oct 10, 2011
If you have even a minuscule amount in the bank
Some cash in your wallet,
A home,
Something to eat tonight

And you do not live in a war zone,

You are among the fortunate 5% in the world

Pnina Fenster

I've been making moony eyes at this pumpkin all week.
So pretty- I couldnt decide whether to let it lie just as it is snuggled in a bed of dried fall leaves or give it a cut and fill it with flowers.
In the end my fresh harvest of Chinese lanterns won- it is a time to give thanks for a good harvest, after all.

Pumkin and lantern Thanksgiving Harvest floral art design

The vibrant orange and green make such an abundant and cheerful statement that I didnt need to do much more than stir up some spiral blossoms and just glue and spear all the ingredients in place.

Spiral flowers from Physalis sepals

The spiral blossoms are cut and rolled from the papery pod (sepal) of Chinese lanterns (Physalis). The bright and shiny berries are from inside the pods. Fresh green curly willow twigs twine and curl over the pumpkin lid.

Chinese lantern on willow twigs twining around the pumpkin lid

Both the Chinese lanterns and the willow twigs will dry really well just as they are in the design.

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8 October 2011 Roll spiral blossoms

Cut leaves and petals and roll a spiral blossom

8 October 2011 Remove the berry from a Physalis pod without ripping the sepal

Cut the sepal from the fruit

8 October 2011 Pumpkin legs

I wanted my pumpkin to lift its head slightly so that it is easy to see the beautiful sepals inside. Making tiny legs also prevent the pumpkin from rolling.

8 October 2011 Pumpkin lid

Create an off-centre, slightly away from the pumpkin, lid with the stem section.

23 March 2012 Drying Physalis sepals

Every Autumn we see the beautiful Physalis pods everywhere but they are easy to dry and preserve to use year round.

11 February 2015 Stripping foliage from weaving stems

Remove foliage from stems to weave with

Favourite Flowers


Chinese lantern, cape gooseberry, Peruvian cherry, Inca berry

Salix matsudana "Tortuosa"

Curly Willow, Chinese Willow, Tortured Willow, Globe Willow, Dragon's Claw, Hankow Willow

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1 September 2021 It’s butter… nuts!

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9 November 2022 All Pumpkind Out

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