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All Pumpkind Out

All Pumpkind Out flower arrangement by florist Christine de Beer

All the pumpkins seem to have… -kind

Phalaenopsis orchid and physalis pumpkin flower arrangement

the leaves… left.

Phalaenopsis orchid and physalis pumpkin flower arrangement for a fall display

Now the trees are starting to show some baubles instead.

Crafting a long lasting pumpkin from dried plant material

The crisp air is positively glistening...

Creative fall styling diy with fresh flowers

Making something (not so far away) go gling-a-ling, gling-a-ling…

How to make a pumpkin for flower arranging

While we are left to puzzle the most urgent puzzler of the season:

Sparkling pumpkin flower design by Christine de Beer

Those “all the trimmings” that you have so lovingly gathered.. take them to the compost heap as autumn treasures or inside as Christmas decorations???

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9 November 2022 Roof-tile pumpkin from dried physalis pods

Carefully stack dried physalis berry husks to craft a long lasting pumpkin that you can refresh with fresh flowers and vines.

8 October 2011 Remove the berry from a Physalis pod without ripping the sepal

Cut the sepal from the fruit

18 October 2017 Papier Mache pumpkin half

Glue thin tissue paper layers to a pumpkin to create a shape to design with

7 April 2012 Just Hatched Papier Mache Easter Eggs

Glue newsprint paper to balloons to make large egg shaped containers to design in

2 June 2011 Papier Mache

I save all the thin tissue paper or un-printed newsprint papers that are wrapped around the flowers that are delivered to me to make batches of Papier Mache with. These sheets...

18 October 2017 Muted Side Up Autumn Leaf Pod

Turn the leaf so that the muted underside faces outward to create a more understated Autumn colour scheme .

11 January 2017 Potted bark pod for a flowering plant

Cover a Styrofoam shape with bark to create a bowl for a potted design

19 August 2015 Bark pod for growing a Pearl Oyster mushroom mini farm

Glue bark to a Papier Maché and wire frame to create a pod shaped armature

6 January 2016 Moss Colombina inspired mask

Cover a mask shape with moss and succulents for a long wearing mask

19 December 2018 Sparkling Eucalyptus Tabletop Christmas tree

Craft an ethereal Christmas tree from Eucalyptus leaves, twigs and sparkling snow flake crystals.

25 December 2013 Leaf snippet gift cube

Cover Styrofoam with leaf snippets to create a gift box design

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid


Chinese lantern, cape gooseberry, Peruvian cherry, Inca berry


Granadilla, passionflower, passion vines

Related Designs

25 January 2023 Even More

This orchid developed at the very end of a long stem... right as the rest of the flowers started to die back so I made a special armature to display the cut stem.

29 November 2023 Fall into Christmas

Want to make your Christmas greenery last... this is perfect!

7 October 2011 Thanksgiving Harvest

Thanksgiving pumpkin with Chinese lanterns and spiral blossoms

4 October 2017 Whipped up in the autumn breeze

Give a loosely woven wreath legs to stand on to hover lightly around a pumpkin

18 October 2017 On the inside

For a softer autumn leaf pod turn the leaves so that the bright side faces in when making the pod.

11 January 2017 As special as an almost never find

Sometimes you find such a beautiful plant that you just can't bring yourself to cut it. This design explores using the entire plant, pot and all, in a design

19 August 2015 Growth Medium

Design a bark and moss pod for a mushroom mini farm

6 January 2016 Hey there

Moss and succulents cover a mask shape to create a woodland inspired mask

19 December 2018 Oh Florist-tree

Craft an Eucalyptus Christmas tree

25 December 2013 A gift for gifting

Christmas gift design

31 October 2017 Mr Twig-or-cheat

An extra Almost-a-Design for Halloween this year

22 January 2013 It's High Time for Tea: from craft to art, taking a delicious floral journey with veneer techniques

This was my second two designs for my It's High Time for Tea Floral Craft and Art Demonstration at The Capilano Flower Arranging Club meeting.