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A gift for gifting

Christmas Flower Trends 2013: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year… A Contemporary floral art Christmas inspired by the lyrics (with more than a little creative license, of course) by the Christmas song

A gift for gifting floral art design

There'll be leaves for snipping

Floral gift box

Brussel sprouts for primping

Brussel sprout floral design

And twigs with dew drop beading glistening like snow

Sparkling beads a glow.

There'll be pretty floral stories

Star of Bethlehem and brussel sprout design

And tales of the design glories of

Star of Bethlehem and brussel sprout ad twig Christmas gift design

Christmases long, long ago

"It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" was written in 1963 by Edward Pola and George Wyle

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25 December 2013 Leaf snippet gift cube

Cover Styrofoam with leaf snippets to create a gift box design

25 September 2013 Adding beads into a design

I wanted my beads to softly float above my snowball posy. If I glued the beads to some of the flowers it would just disappear in the mass of twigs and flowers.

30 August 2011 Removing Oasis Floral Adhesive glue spills

The finish of every design should be flawless. Make sure there are no bits of glue visible in your design by carefully removing all traces of spills.

19 June 2012 Up-cycle Styrofoam packaging to create a low pave design

Polystyrene or Styrofoam makers ideal shapes to pin or glue plant material to.

Favourite Flowers


The Afrikaans name is tjienkerientjee (named after the sound the stems make when rubbing together in the wind) Chincherinchee, wonder-flower (because they last so long),...

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23 December 2015 Dear Santa,

Gift boxes from skeleton leaves

6 December 2017 While I sing of beauty's treasure

Glue the most delicate twig table top Christmas tree

20 December 2017 A Very Merry Christmas Star

A wire Christmas star with a secret plan to hide the twinkle

19 December 2018 Oh Florist-tree

Craft an Eucalyptus Christmas tree

25 December 2019 Wishing you a Light Touched Christmas

A naturally fragrant, star shaped gift box basket. Merry Christmas to you.

9 February 2022 Pouring

Place a small fishbowl vase at an angle to look like it is pouring out flowers and twigs.

9 November 2022 All Pumpkind Out

A physalis husk pumpkin to celebrate the last bright rays of Autumn.

7 December 2022 Making spirits bright

A twig sleigh... to collect your twig Christmas tree, of course!

6 December 2023 A Very Merry Dark and Moody and bring it in from the Woods Trendy Christmas Cheer

From now to a bit after New Year's Eve I will show you my take on the trends for Christmas 2023. This week I start with natural styling with a handcrafted twig candy cane.