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Spiral twig frog

Place the vase on its side.

Place the vase on its side. Start adding dried twigs.

Add the twigs

Add another handful of twigs

More twigs

and more twigs...

And even more twigs

and more twigs. I used willow, dogwood, rose, hydrangea stems, dried chrysanthemum (dyed pink) and Mikado Reeds

Almost filled with twigs

Fill just over 3/4 of the vase with twigs

Keep the twigs in place and set the vase upright

Keep the twigs in place with your hand and set the vase upright.

Let the twigs settle and gently brush the twigs in a spiral

Let the twigs settle but not fall over. Gently brush the twigs with your hand guiding them to fall into the spiral shape.

Softly pat the twigs to settle in a spiral

Softly pat the twigs to settle in a spiral. Pat the outer twigs first to press them deeper than the twigs in the middle to create a slight dome.

Move the twigs around to make a perfect spiral.

When perfect, pour in a bit of warm water to let the twigs swell into place.

When perfect pour in a bit of warm water to let the twigs swell into place.

Add a bit more water for the leaves and flower buds after the warm water is absorbed.

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