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Dream, Job

Dream Job floral art design

Some days it is all dream, dream ,dream and very little job gets done.

Seed pods and orchids

And that is ok.

Phalaenopsis orchid

Some days it is all job, job, job and but some dream also gets done.

Phalaenopsis orchid and crystals

And that is ok.

Phalaenopsis orchid, seedpods and crystals

But most days it is all in there together, dream and job, and they look a bit the same... and the real work gets done.

Phalaenopsis orchid, seedpods and crystals in a shallow glass vase

And that is ok.

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2 April 2014 Turning the sellotape over the vase trick up-side-down for a sticky side out frog

Tape a grid over a vase to keep the floral details in place

2 July 2014 Clearly invisible taped Grid

This is the easiest way to keep flower in place

25 August 2011 Placing orchids in test tubes

Cut the Phalaenopsis orchid with a bit of green stem attached. This will make them last longer.

1 February 2017 Coil wire and grass to create a spring frog

Twirl and wrap wire and lily grass around a dowel stick to create a spring frog

27 November 2013 Zig-Zag leaf flower frog

Wire and fold a flat leaf to create a support to rest flowers on in a flat container

22 May 2012 Spiral twig frog

Multiple tiny twigs create a flower frog to keep the delicate buds and leaves in the exact spot you want.

3 January 2012 Bubble raft to float flowers

Flowers naturally float in water. They just don’t always naturally float on water. For that they sometimes need a bit of help.

3 January 2012 Cellophane wrap cracked ice

Cellophane and plastic wrap in a clear vase, filled with water, creates a cracked ice effect

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Related Designs

13 September 2017 Around again

Tape a grid at the edge of a container

1 May 2019 Can you see the tiny hint of Sunshine on the tips of the grass?

I left the grass to mature so that the tips mirror the sun bleached yellow of the orchids.

15 April 2020 Helping Spring Stick Around

Blossom petals drop so quickly! Here's a way to make them last just that little bit longer.

30 September 2020 This season all the stylish pumpkins will be wearing them!

A simple way to keep the plastic mesh the pumpkins are sold in from becoming trash: wrap it around the container as an armature for a quick Fall design. Replace the flowers as...

3 February 2021 here’s the catch

Weave an all natural net to place over a vase to keep your flowers above water.

24 February 2021 Picked up some proper Pruning

An early Spring design with a twist on using an old favourite: composite flowers.

30 June 2021 Into a Puddle!

Heat proof floral design for summer.

19 January 2022 Thaw

It's Tulip Season! Perfect for that "it's still winter ... but is that something green I see...?" mood designs.

2 April 2014 Apricity

Turning a stand-by floral technique sticky side out

6 April 2016 Take it for a Spin

Make a clear grid to suspend plant material on

2 July 2014 Clearly contained

Clear containers need clear grids to keep the flowers in place

20 August 2014 Summer

A quick and easy design for summer

28 October 2015 On Pumpkin Coloured Days

Create a besom broom to sweep up those Autumn leaves

22 February 2017 Perfect!

Tulips are so perfect just as they are all that is needed is to simply drape their graceful leaves around the flowers

27 November 2013 'Twas right before Christmas

Fold leaves to create a support to float orchids on

3 January 2012 Going Cold Twinkle Turkey

Is it better to go Cold Twinkle Turkey and embrace the minimalist living room or rather ease into it?

19 March 2014 One of one of everyone

Float flowers using a bubble wrap raft