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Clearly contained

Clearly contained floral art design


Lilies in a clear tray

and, it’s plain for all to see

Shaved wood feathers

... through and through...

lily floral art design

Just so transparently obvious

Lilies and twig in a clear tray

and understandably so,

Clear floral art design

... this unhindered view

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7 April 2012 Paste and cut Wooden Feathers

Wood glue makes wood veneer or Kyogi paper soft and playable to make feathers with

2 July 2014 Clearly invisible taped Grid

This is the easiest way to keep flower in place

2 January 2011 Lilies

How to keep Lilies in bud for longer. Removing the pollen. Stringing a Lily Garland.

Favourite Flowers



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28 October 2015 On Pumpkin Coloured Days

Create a besom broom to sweep up those Autumn leaves

7 June 2017 Dream, Job

Create a grid to rest some plant material so that it floats and some with their stems to rest in the water below

28 March 2018 Walking on eggshells

Fill eggshells with moss to create an upright container... with a surprising balancing trick.

15 April 2020 Helping Spring Stick Around

Blossom petals drop so quickly! Here's a way to make them last just that little bit longer.