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Grab your party mittens, flower buds… it’s Book Launch Day!

Wednesdays are my favourite day of the week… but this Wednesday is just the absolute BEST! I have been dreaming of this Wednesday for years. This Wednesday is special... it's Book Launch Day!
And we are celebrating in style

First, let’s flip through the book… just look how many floral bits found their way into the book!

Floral Mittens

Did you spot this week's floral mittens design in the book video?
... perfect for a book launch jubilation!

Kalanchoe and ripped grass flower design mittens

a book launch... soirée

Grab your party mittens, flower buds floral art design

a book launch do... a book launch bob... a book launch hop...

Kalanchoe floral mittens

a book launch bash!

... and what would a book launch bash be without gifts, and free treats and some lively conversation?

Effortless floral craftsman book by Christine de Beer.

Today officially marks the first day my ebook, the effortless floral craftsman, a floral crafter's guide to crafting with nature will be available on Amazon .

When you visit the website you can now read the first 38 or so pages…FREE! While you are there, won’t you please visit for a while and write me a quick review if you have already received your advance copy of the book?

The ebook is exclusively available from Amazon. The content is exactly the same as the printed book. Only less expensive and you do not have to wait for it to be delivered or pay any shipping fees. For your convenience you can download a free reader for any device and start reading today!

Grab your party mittens, flower buds floral art design

Over the last few weeks I have introduced you to the Craftsmanship Edition of the book. You can buy your copy from my online shop. I sign each of these gorgeous books, gift wrap it and then tuck a new gift into the box- from my design room to yours as a special thank you.

... and you can read more about the Design Room Edition (and see some readers comments... the lively conversation part) in this Book Launch Day post.

But... I am saving the best for last:

The effortless floral craftsman book by Christine de Beer

And to celebrate the launch of my new book and the ebook (of course!), I’ve created a FREE booklet with 17 of my most popular design templates that I have used here on My Creative Workbook over the last 7 years. Some of the templates were also used to create something pretty in the book (like our mitten design this week) but all the Tutorials are here on My Creative Workbook for you to start designing even if you do not have a copy of the book... yet

Grab your party mittens flower arrangement

BOOK GIVEAWAY: To keep the book launch fun going, I am giving away a signed copy of the special hardcover craftsmanship edition of my book. If you regularly visit the My Creative Workbook website you know that every week I post a design with it's Tutorial. Which means each of these templates are part of a Tutorial and belong to a Design. How many design titles can you find? It's a bit of a scavenger hunt- I wanted the book to go to someone who REALLY wants a copy. See if you can find all 17 titles.

How to enter: Download your free template booklet and find the titles of all 17 design posts on My Creative Workbook website, then send the titles to me by replying to your newsletter email or email We will draw a name next Tuesday evening so no rush, take your time and enjoy the templates.

Tip: you can take a short-cut by following the links below the templates in the booklet and then look below the Tutorial at the design pages.

Happy flowering!

Every week I add a new design with related tutorials. Be sure to subscribe to receive an email notification with design inspiration.


7 November 2018 Ripped Flax Mittens

Knot delicate floral mittens from flax.

14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

29 November 2011 Messy wire lace

I call this “lace” because I use pins to guide the wire sections together- almost like you do when making lace.

27 March 2013 Bird's Nest Lattice

Cherry stems and ripped flax makes a perfect natural lattice to suspend floral material from

16 May 2013 Weaving a pod shape from ripped foliage

Weave a pod shape armature

8 August 2018 Wrap around grass loop and knot armature

Connect strips of ripped grass to create a knotted armature for short stemmed flowers

27 February 2013 Ripped Foliage Mesh

Create a delicate mesh over the design

23 August 2017 Twirl a ripped Phormium pumpkin pod

Rip the New Zealand flax to create a delicate fiber armature

31 December 2012 Knot a Cordyline Catcher

Create a rigid grid to place over a glass vase to keep flower material in place

26 July 2011 Wire Tendrils

Curl the wire at irregular intervals to create a natural wire tendril similar to that of a passion fruit plant

Favourite Flowers


Christmas Kalanchoe, Kalanchöe or Kalanchoë


Flax, New Zealand flax

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28 August 2019 But... what are you Like?

A fun design... with a hula skirt (...for the cool summer breeze to arrange and rearrange)

4 December 2019 A Very Merry eucalyptus-collar-candle Christmas!

An easy and naturally fragrant winter white candle decoration to bring nature into your house this Christmas.

2 December 2020 Have yourself a Merry Cellulose Fibre Christmas: Lost and Found Snow Mittens

...ok not really that fancy- it’s made from paper pulp. A cardboard box snow mittens… really. In the spirit of 2020- I am inspired by the endless stream of cardboard boxes being...

21 July 2021 High-Strung

String up a tiny hammock for a dreamy summer vacation design

12 January 2022 All That Potential

Softly glowing winter twigs for a minimal display

15 June 2022 Take a swing at it

A cooling design for early summer days with swinging ripped grass and more than enough water for thirsty hydrangeas.

13 July 2022 Blue…

The tiniest flower adds some much needed coolness to a summer floral design.

23 November 2022 Ways to Merry a Christmas

A little bit of effort... that will last for weeks design to hang about the whole Festive Season.

21 December 2022 Let it

A happy December Solstice or the Winter Solstice lantern.

27 March 2013 In one basket

Weave a nest for an Easter design

16 May 2013 Natural, naturally

Weave a armature to rest a lily on

8 August 2018 On the net

Knot a net to rest short stem orchids on.

23 August 2017 Almost is still not quite

Weave just a hint of the Autumn to come

31 December 2012 A Pocket full of Starlight

Knot a grid to place over a glass bubble vase to keep plant material in place

7 November 2018 Book Launch Day!

Oh yes! Today is officially my book launch day!