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Suspend a tiny flower over a large water filled container in a sandwich knot support

Fill a large vase with water

Fill a large vase with water.

Place a long stemmed monstera leaf in the vase

Place a long stemmed monstera leaf in the vase.

The leaf should just, just pop out above the surface

The leaf should just, just pop out above the surface. This helps to keep the tiny stem of the flower under the water so that it remains hydrated.

Use a pin to rip a blade of lily grass

Rip a blade of lily grass...

Book readers turn to page 46 where I show you how to make rope (basic cordage) to see how to rip grass.
For more information about my book: The Effortless Floral Craftsman

But to get you started I have also linked a Tutorial below this post.

Use another section of ripped grass to knot two pieces together

Use another section of ripped grass to wrap around two pieces of ripped grass and to knot the two pieces together.

Make a second knot below the first

Make a second knot below the first and cut the dangling knot pieces away.

Slip the delicate flower between the knots

Slip the delicate flower between the knots... but be careful. If the fit is too tight you run the risk of damaging the flower or pinching it so that it can not take up water.

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Split the grass and slip it over and under the monstera leaf to keep it suspended

Split the grass and slip it... one ripped section over and the other under the monstera leaf to keep it suspended in the water. Let the other end of the grass bundle rest on the edge of the vase.

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14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

16 February 2022 Hanging knotted foliage hearts from Quince blossom branches

Add a bit of love to your blossom branches with hanging heart knots.

30 August 2017 Standing a water tube at an angle in lumber

Create a minimal design by placing a single flower on a platform

24 April 2019 Balance a cake stand lid on it’s side to create a leaning design

Suspend a flower for an unusual but minimalist design over a leaning container lid.

8 August 2018 Wrap around grass loop and knot armature

Connect strips of ripped grass to create a knotted armature for short stemmed flowers

7 November 2018 Ripped Flax Mittens

Knot delicate floral mittens from flax.

31 December 2012 Knot a Cordyline Catcher

Create a rigid grid to place over a glass vase to keep flower material in place

21 July 2021 Knot a delicate hammock from ripped foliage

Light and airy addition to a floral design to celebrate summer

29 August 2018 Coil slip on sandals

Braid ripped flax and coil it into shaped slip on sandals.

15 June 2022 Swing ripped foliage over a mop-head of hydrangeas to follow the natural curve

Gently curve ripped foliage over flowers to add a cooling movement to a minimal summer design.

20 March 2019 Hanging dangling eggshells with a twig and some ripped grass

Pierce eggshells to string it up for a delicate Spring design element.

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13 July 2022 Blue…

The tiniest flower adds some much needed coolness to a summer floral design.

11 January 2023 Maybe Still Maybe

... a something to look forward to design that makes you lean in closer to see what might still be.

5 July 2023 The Wiggle Is Part Of The Plan

A easy going summer design that makes full use of the imperfections you harvest from your cut garden.

16 February 2022 Hang on, love

A hanging heart design to celebrate love this Valentine's Day.

30 August 2017 If

Place a water tube at an angle in lumber so that the Zantedeschia float just above the base to show off the delicate grass snippets scattered up the stem

24 April 2019 Put aside

Urgh… my glass cake stand broke leaving me with a still beautiful, but now mismatched and extremely inspirational lid...

8 August 2018 On the net

Knot a net to rest short stem orchids on.

7 November 2018 Grab your party mittens, flower buds… it’s Book Launch Day!

Celebrating my book launch by knotting floral mittens using the design Tutorial from my book and the template from the free gift template booklet.

31 December 2012 A Pocket full of Starlight

Knot a grid to place over a glass bubble vase to keep plant material in place

21 July 2021 High-Strung

String up a tiny hammock for a dreamy summer vacation design

29 August 2018 It’s not that it is inexpensive… it’s priceless!

Yes, this Coil slip on sandals design is in my book: the effortless floral craftsman, a floral crafter’s guide to crafting with nature ... it is also the first design from the...

20 July 2016 A Shade of Summer

Twist and weave a lily grass summer hat

22 July 2020 Step It Up

Dress up a pair of hand coiled flip-flops with succulents.

15 June 2022 Take a swing at it

A cooling design for early summer days with swinging ripped grass and more than enough water for thirsty hydrangeas.

20 March 2019 It’s all ===> right

Hang a dangling eggshell in a Spring blossom design.