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Hanging knotted foliage hearts from Quince blossom branches

Place a generous bunch of blossom stems in a large glass vase

Place a generous bunch of blossom stems in a large glass vase

For my design I wanted to play a bit with horizontal and vertical lines so I sorted the bunch into two batches. I explain a bit more in our email our tip for this week. The sign up is below this post if you are not yet receiving your tip of the week email.

Knot a few ripped foliage hearts to hang from the branches

Knot a few ripped foliage hearts to hang from the branches.

Mastering tying a wide selection of knots is such a great skill for floral designers. It can really make or break a design. Even learning a few decorative knots can come in handy. You never know when you need a heart to add a bit of love to a design. Book readers turn to page 49 to 63 for my favourite knot Tutorials. To get you started I have also included the Tutorial for this heart knot below this post.

Add a long strand of ripped foliage to hang your heart from

Add a long strand of ripped foliage to hang your heart from.

See the Tutorial below for more information on how to rip foliage.

Hang the heart from the branch

Hang the heart from the branch. Again see our email for a longer explanation but also take notice of how long this strand is. I wanted to exaggerate the vertical and horizontal lines.

For just a bit of contrast I curled the strand of ripped foliage at the end

To finish the design and add just a bit more detail (and contrast) I curled the strand of ripped foliage at the end so that you lean in closer to have a look.

This strand of ripped foliage is so delicate that I needed to take care not to break it. Use the curling technique on page 289 of my book.
For more information about my book: The Effortless Floral Craftsman

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10 September 2012 Braid a Celtic heart knot

Braid or knot a traditional Celtic heart with foliage

22 May 2012 Bite and snap a sturdy twig

Break the sturdy twig on the scribe line.

14 January 2011 Ripping Flax

Flax can be ripped into fibres creating long and versatile strips

12 February 2020 Manipulate Blossoming Twigs To Hang Fluttering Woven Grass Hearts

These peach blossom branches needed only the tiniest bit of help to frame the woven hearts to perfection.

30 August 2017 Standing a water tube at an angle in lumber

Create a minimal design by placing a single flower on a platform

15 April 2015 Stretching leaves and foliage into a ringlet curl

Most leaves and foliage can be slightly manipulated to curve or curl.

20 March 2019 Hanging dangling eggshells with a twig and some ripped grass

Pierce eggshells to string it up for a delicate Spring design element.

11 February 2015 Willow Heart Wand

25 May 2016 Sliced Grassy Cabbage

Slicing a cabbage to create an armature for a vegetable design.

8 August 2018 Wrap around grass loop and knot armature

Connect strips of ripped grass to create a knotted armature for short stemmed flowers

27 February 2013 Ripped Foliage Mesh

Create a delicate mesh over the design

10 February 2016 Free Standing Twig and Wire Heart Armature

Bend wires and fill in the gabs with Stillingia twigs to make a delicate heart armature

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A hanging heart design to celebrate love this Valentine's Day.

13 July 2022 Blue…

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15 February 2023 If you frame it that way…

A blossom frame to display the prettiest anthurium of the whole bunch!

8 March 2023 And now we wait

A bit of flower magic to get a few early blossoms to enjoy inside.

15 March 2023 Hop… Lots!

Beautiful blossoms don’t NEED much to make it into a lovely design. But the start of Spring might just inspire you to add a bit much… just because it makes you happy.

12 February 2020 Parallel Hang Ups

While waiting for the blossoms to open... why not weave in a touch of Valentine's Day love?

10 September 2012 Tying the knot

Gypsophilla design with Celtic love knots featured in the DIY Wedding Magazine

18 September 2012 Tying the knot and loosening those curls

Romantic rose centerpiece with just a bit of an edge featured in the DIY Wedding Magazine

30 August 2017 If

Place a water tube at an angle in lumber so that the Zantedeschia float just above the base to show off the delicate grass snippets scattered up the stem

11 April 2017 Well… we did it again!

Blossoms and chocolates for Easter

20 March 2019 It’s all ===> right

Hang a dangling eggshell in a Spring blossom design.

11 February 2015 Love Spell

Weave willow to create a heart shaped wand design

25 May 2016 Half the Fun

Cut a cabbage to create a design platform

8 August 2018 On the net

Knot a net to rest short stem orchids on.

27 February 2013 Just Meshing About

create a mesh to drape over the design to create a soft veil.

7 November 2018 Book Launch Day!

Oh yes! Today is officially my book launch day!

10 February 2016 Be My Twig-Heart

Glue an upright twig heart for a freestanding Valentine's display