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Braid a Celtic heart knot

This is a traditional Celtic craft knot. Only, I am not tightening the knot and am braiding it with foliage.

Make a knot

Make a knot from a blade of grass, palm or a section of ripped flax, as I did here

Bend both ends up

Bend both ends up to point to the top

Bend the right leg in and weave it under the middle blade of grass

Bend the right leg in and weave it under the middle blade of grass

Pull the flax through the knot

Pull the blade end through the knot

Bend the blade of flax and weave it under the outside loop of the knot

Bend the blade and weave it under the outside loop of the knot

Weave the blade over the inside knot

Weave the blade over the inside knot

Under the next piece

Under the next piece and over and out to complete the knot.

And over and out to complete the knot

Bend the middle point at the bottom at a sharp angle. Then wiggle and pull the knot tighter to shape the heart.

Celtic heart knot.

Using a thicker blade of grass to braid the Celtic heart knot

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