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Let some magic find you

My article and floral wand design featured in
DIY Weddings Magazine

One of my favourite lines in the Harry Potter movies is when Mr. Ollivander tells Harry: “The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.” As a creative person, I have always loved the idea that there is magic that somehow finds us while we do the work. Call it inspiration, talent or the creative process, there is something truly magical about creating something special. Rarely can the artist explain how it happens, even more so if you are creating with the unpredictability of Mother Nature. As it is with flowers.

Let some magic find you Floral Art Design

Allowing for magic to find you is not always easy. It is tempting to “force” the work, especially if you are under stress from designing for your own wedding. But you can only force so much.

The greatest lesson every floral designer learns is that Mother Nature knows best. Yes you can manipulate stems and wire flowers to coax lines to flow, shape and bend, but there are limits, and it takes patience and great effort to do so. Mostly it is just easier to work with nature and allow the available plant material to dictate where and how they need to be placed.

Floral Wand design

Practice and ask for advice so that you can forget the “how” and add the magic.

A florist can really help you with the finer details and techniques, even if you plan to do your own flowers for your wedding. Consider ordering an example and learn by looking at how it was created, or take a class to learn the skills you need. Most florists will be happy to assist. Consider ordering at least some of your flowers, especially your focal flowers from a florist so that you know you get great quality flowers and have the benefit of having an experienced designer “on your team.” A florist can also show you how to manipulate plants and when to allow for some spontaneity.

Flower embroidery

Use what is already there and expand to create. A pretty length of ribbon can be added to incorporate an extraordinary colour into your colour scheme.

Use flowers that are in season. It is more affordable and also much more likely to stay fresh throughout your event. Some flowers and plant material just lasts longer. If you look at my wand design, I used Kalanchoe flowers to decorate the wand. Kalanchoe is a succulent and will remain looking fresh for about a week without a water source. Yes really! So you can have a wand design party a few days before the wedding for each person to design their own wands. Other flowers need to be designed as close to the event as possible. Again, ask for advice if you are unsure.


Learning to read and place plant material in their natural state can be frustrating, especially if you are the type of designer that strives for perfection.

Kalanchoe flower wand

Remain fascinated by nature and continue to see and understand the way plants grow, lines curve and how flower heads bend...

Pink Kalanchoe flower wand

... and you will find your way to let some of the magic happen rather than struggling against the natural tendencies of nature.

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10 January 2018 Long lasting flower wand

Create a long lasting wand with Kalachoe.

7 April 2012 Foam pin holder drying rack

This is a convenient way to keep flowers perfectly upright while you wait for glue to dry.

19 April 2012 Floral Fridge magnet in a nutshell

Tuck one half of a corsage magnet in a nutshell before designing to create a floral fridge magnet

16 December 2015 Kalanchoe Christmas Bauble

The delicate Kalanchoe flowers last surprisingly well without a water source and is ideal for glue techniques

4 December 2013 Flower Girl Red Net Basket

Weave a twig wreath for an easy net basket

30 August 2011 Removing Oasis Floral Adhesive glue spills

The finish of every design should be flawless. Make sure there are no bits of glue visible in your design by carefully removing all traces of spills.

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

11 February 2015 Willow Heart Wand

22 November 2017 Acorn fork

Wire and glue a few acorns into the fork of a twig to create an Autumn armature

25 October 2017 Willow Paddle

Weave willow between the fork in a twig to create a paddle like armature

8 February 2017 A Sprouting Spring Twig Heart

Carefully glue a twig armature to display the mini-miniature Darling orchids

Favourite Flowers


Christmas Kalanchoe, Kalanchöe or Kalanchoë

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27 September 2017 As tendrils tend to do

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16 December 2015 Christmas Waves

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11 February 2015 Love Spell

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22 November 2017 How do squirrels Cache a tree?

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8 February 2017 It could hold

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