My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


17 January 2024 A birch bark spiral wrap to cradle floral details in a wine glass

Spiral birch bark strips into two mirror images to create a wintery wrap for a bud vase.

10 January 2024 Mossy “Moss” Pebble… in the snow

Hollow out a faux moss pebble to add... a pebble of moss covered in snowflakes.

3 January 2024 Silver leaf Paper Snowflakes to display your winter flowers on

Fold some snowflakes to display your beautiful winter flowers on.

3 January 2024 Succulent and gilded flameless candle yule log display stand

A robust stand with tall dowel sticks to slip your display over.

3 January 2024 Magnetic silverleaf bell and snowy twig clusters to suspend your flowers in a display

An easy to remove and put back bundle of winter twigs to add to a display.

27 December 2023 Christmas twig wreath, cinnamon bundles, clove garlands and roses of orange peel candle holder

Take the whole waste free design concept a whole lot further by displaying all your Christmas simmer pot ingredients... ready to be harvested as needed.

27 December 2023 Add light filled snowy fluff inside a display container

A fun way to make a winter design glow.

27 December 2023 Cinnamon Bundles

Pretty wire bundles to add fragrance to any design

27 December 2023 Clove Copper Garland

Twist and wire a gorgeously sparkly clove copper wire string.

27 December 2023 Orange peel spiral roses

A fragrant way to add an uplifting dried detail to your winter design.

20 December 2023 Velvet Magnolia Leaf Christmas Tree

Cozy textured tall and luxurious table top tree design.

20 December 2023 Starlight Garland

Fold a continues strand of stars on a wire fairy light strand.