My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


1 May 2024 Gap basket weave for a Spring flower container

Fiasco inspired vase cover for a small Spring design

24 April 2024 Slot together Monstera Twin Leaves to create a design gap

A small bundle of Spring floral treasures framed with lush monstera foliage.

17 April 2024 Tendril support to anchor a floating vase (and its ginormous bubble) in place

Trap a bubble between two shallow containers to float clematis flowers for Spring.

10 April 2024 See through Jasmine Vine tangle support

This is a great way to explore using vines dried, soon to dry and fresh and hydrated to craft the thinnest possible transparent design.

3 April 2024 Coiled Spring and Wreath flower frog

Wind vines into an all natural armature to display your first of many... perfect... Spring flowers.

27 March 2024 High Rise Twiner Jasmine and Twirling willow Easter mobile

A vertical take on an Easter nest design to craft a spinning mobile decoration.

20 March 2024 Spring Coil Straw Basket

Coil a straw basket... the easy way.

13 March 2024 Spaced birch bark strip basket

Sturdy and easy to make... a small harvest basket ready for all the Spring flowers still to come.

6 March 2024 A secret and so pretty stay open support for a growing willow birdcage

Grow your own willow birdcage in a small pot to display Spring flowers in.

28 February 2024 Tangle a Ceropegia Woodii bud vase nest topper

Hatching an Oncidium orchid from a succulent vine nest... as one does in early Spring.

21 February 2024 Get a head start with a long lasting shallow vine basket and succulent table top Spring display

Long, long, long lasting display that will even root in place with a few adjustments.

14 February 2024 Craft a birch bark bud vase topper for a openhearted Valentine's display

Craft a keepsake heart on top of a vase to display special flowers.