My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


13 November 2019 Turn shop bought baubles into designer frosted snowballs

Brushing a shiny bauble with an almost dry brush with just a bit of paint on turns it into a beautiful almost antique snowball.

13 November 2019 A tangle of ribbon instead of a bow for an unusual winter design

I wanted my design to look more "found this way" than "designed this way" so I strategically tangled the ribbon to dangle down the design rather than tie it in a neat bow.

13 November 2019 How to use artificial plants or faux plants to create beautiful and long lasting decorations without it looking tacky or... sad.

What if you absolutely HAVE to decorate with faux plants? Here are my guiding rules when it comes to styling with permanent botanicals

13 November 2019 Fluff out and bend wired faux plant material

With just a bit of extra effort you can give an artificial plant a bit of personality

6 November 2019 Dancing fall leaves... on a stick

Spike fall leaves and water tubes to create a minimal radiating autumn display

6 November 2019 Drying leaves to have the exact same curve

Threat a stack of leaves to dry so that they shrivel and dry up in a similar way.

30 October 2019 Levitating Halloween tree with roots

Cut a slit in the branches, at the root side to suspend it over the vases rather than in the vases.

30 October 2019 Bat Skeleton crafted from twigs

Eerie! Because you use what is there already in the twigs this skeleton looks rather... realistic!

23 October 2019 Floating Filigree Pumpkin Patch

String up pumpkins and glass seahorse vases to craft an autumn mobile design.

23 October 2019 Cover a butchers hook with a ribbon

A quick and easy way to make a butchers hook look less harsh in a delicate design.

16 October 2019 Not quite a wreath, not quite a basket armature

Easy to weave design that can hold your prettiest autumn design treasures.

9 October 2019 Quarter fold and Thread an Autumn leaf tube armature

This armature is actually made of four times as many leaves as what it looks like to create a hinge to fan the entire leaf-tube open yet keep it's shape.