My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


23 February 2022 Place delicate stems at an angle in a shallow fiber lined container

Line a shallow container with fiber to create a mat for the flowers to hydrate and stand in the exact way you want to place them.

16 February 2022 Hanging knotted foliage hearts from Quince blossom branches

Add a bit of love to your blossom branches with hanging heart knots.

9 February 2022 Tilt container with a spilling twigs armature

Perfect design for a warmer than usual winter design that hints at thawing.

2 February 2022 Connect bud vases with a fresh foliage open weave

Craft two woven panels to place front and back of a couple of bud vases to create a unit.

26 January 2022 Off-cut stem snippet and grass curl basket

Piece together a floral basket that looks delicate AND overgrown.

19 January 2022 Knot a wool grid for a cozy Tulip and twig armature design

Bring in some warmth with a tulip design that still hints at winter

12 January 2022 Budding winter twigs with a fluffy fairy light garland

Snowfall twigs with a light glow garland for a minimal winter display

5 January 2022 Double vase Snow Glow Winter Centerpiece

Add warmth to a space with a softly glowing winter white arrangement

29 December 2021 Party popper inspired Copper curls for a New Year’s Eve double vase orchid heart centerpiece

A design that is aged to ring in the new. Perfect for the a New Year's celebration.

22 December 2021 Patina Copper Spiral Bauble and Pinecone Cascade

A beautiful pinecone dressed up for Christmas.

15 December 2021 Half and Half Copper and Twig Christmas tree

Cut a tree from copper and twigs for a long lasting tabletop Christmas decoration.

8 December 2021 Twig Christmas Star

Make your own twig Christmas stars- the easy way.