My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


29 September 2021 Over the edge flower, floral support

Hook the calla lilies over the edge of a vase to create a support for your taller floral details.

22 September 2021 Crafting a Corny Corn Husk Corn Armature

Four ears of corn, corn husk wire armature with a hidden water source for the fresh flowers.

15 September 2021 Wire wrap for a shallow container to keep a twig arch armature neatly in place

Wrap a wire around both ends of a shallow container to keep the twigs in place.

8 September 2021 Glue soaked stems cheeky angled grid for those first autumn leaves (with a dye soak up tip)

A barely there delicate grid to keep your flowers in place.

1 September 2021 Above and below eucalyptus curve butternut cradle

Suspend a heavy butternut over water in an early Autumn design.

25 August 2021 Loop and Twist a Wire and Twig Tangle Grid

Wire twigs and wire around a shallow container to keep your floral details suspended in water in a shallow container.

18 August 2021 Racked up dried Twig Snippets to display a few flower buds

Combining dried and fresh floral details for a easy breezy summer design.

11 August 2021 Dried twig collar in a double vase display for gravity sensitive flowers

Putting the focus on the flowers with an ever changing design.

4 August 2021 Scattered dried grass with raindrop crystals

Craft a light and airy grass halo to suspend tiny drop crystals around gorgeous roses.

28 July 2021 Craft a wreath chain to link a few bud vases together

All you need is a few twigs to craft this design- it's a perfect floral meditation activity.

21 July 2021 Knot a delicate hammock from ripped foliage

Light and airy addition to a floral design to celebrate summer

14 July 2021 Light as a kite wire spiked sunflower heart

Using the disk floret of a sunflower to support your floral details.