My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


13 January 2021 Tri-petal (with vines to fill in the gaps) lily flower wand

Pick away petals from a lily to create space for delicate vines to really shine.

6 January 2021 Rolled leaf shelter for a lean-in-closer tiny bud vase design

Create a tiny visual tunnel to focus attention.

30 December 2020 Suspend design elements around a poinsettia forest floor display

A low design that is still light and airy using a lot of convenient prepare ahead of time design elements.

24 December 2020 Chilly Father Christmas making snow angels!

Because even Santa takes out a moment to have some fun on Christmas eve.

23 December 2020 Wired snowball pom pom

Craft an ornamental ball or tuft with wool and cardboard.

23 December 2020 Weave a grass Christmas tree

Easy armature design that is actually quite relaxing to do... plant meditation!

16 December 2020 Weave a tiny gift box from grass

Talk about quick and easy! This takes almost no time... the hard part is to find something small enough to put inside... Chocolates... perhaps?

16 December 2020 Cardboard base for a roasting-by-an-open-fire fishbowl vase snow globe

… ideal for fresh floral displays because it has a hidden water source that can be refilled and the candle can be switched on and off without disturbing the design.

9 December 2020 A Twig and personal inner Gyp flurry melted snowman

Remember how Olaf from Frozen remained cool? With a personal flurry, of course! Two fishbowls, stacked and you are very nearly done.

2 December 2020 Ice skating pond inspired grid for a winter floral design

Turn the tried and trusted tape over the vase grid idea sticky side out... and adding artificial snow for a Christmas in Winter design solution.

2 December 2020 Lost and found snow mittens

Artificial snow covered cardboard mittens to add to a winter themed design.

25 November 2020 Contactless gift exchange wreath perfect to double as Santa’s Gift Bag for your front door

Craft a small pouch into a half-and-half wreath so that you can leave... and receive tiny gifts and cards in true Christmas 2020 style .