My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


8 February 2023 Hover winter twig armature with an acetate platform

Crystal clear floral design for winter styling

1 February 2023 Spiked Tulip Fan

Fanned out Tulips for a snowy winter display... that stays just so.

25 January 2023 Snowy Magnolia forest floor armature

An armature to display a lovely surprise orchid that developed on the long spike just after the other flowers started to fade.

18 January 2023 Snowy twig band armature for a ever changing winter display

A well made snow covered twig band armature will last all winter so that you can display even the most delicate winter treasures.

11 January 2023 Unfurl winter’s potential in a snow filled monstera leaf shelter

Capture a bit of winter magic by placing delicate flower buds in the middle of two large leaves.

4 January 2023 Snow glow fluffy display bed for your design details

A cranberry lantern to cozy up a white winter's evening.

4 January 2023 Cranberry snow glow lantern

Sugar frosted cranberry ball filled with fairy lights.

28 December 2022 Bundled up Rosehip Scatter twigs… for anywhere you need a small frosted winter decorating touch

A delicate winter decoration to add sparkle to those in between Christmas and New Years Eve days.

21 December 2022 Winter Solstice Kalanchoe and Berry twig Lantern

Soft and minimal glow lantern that you can make ahead of time to last all Festive Season.

14 December 2022 Sparkle Spool and Velvet Magnolia Table Top Christmas Tree

A pretty way to warm up your living space with the luxurious velvet texture you find on the underside of Magnolia leaves.

7 December 2022 A berry and kalanchoe sleigh… to carry your twig tree home, of course

A snowy Christmas scene crafted from a handful of twigs... and a few kalanchoe flowers.

7 December 2022 Fork In the Twig Tree

Minimal and so easy to do... craft an upside down twig tree.