My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


8 March 2023 Blossom craving solutions: Forcing and Coaxing and crafting flowering branches

Early spring floral styling with some magic

1 March 2023 Glue an early Spring basket from leftover cherry blossom twigs

After the last petal drops cut the blossom twigs into snippets to craft a basket with.

22 February 2023 A knot and a lean and hand full of snippets in a bud vase

Using all parts of a small bunch of iris flowers to craft a unique display.

15 February 2023 Blossom Twig Heart Frame… with a twist in the middle

Curve and tie a blossoming twig into a heart... that can suspend a heavy flower head.

8 February 2023 Hover winter twig armature with an acetate platform

Crystal clear floral design for winter styling

1 February 2023 Spiked Tulip Fan

Fanned out Tulips for a snowy winter display... that stays just so.

25 January 2023 Snowy Magnolia forest floor armature

An armature to display a lovely surprise orchid that developed on the long spike just after the other flowers started to fade.

18 January 2023 Snowy twig band armature for a ever changing winter display

A well made snow covered twig band armature will last all winter so that you can display even the most delicate winter treasures.

11 January 2023 Unfurl winter’s potential in a snow filled monstera leaf shelter

Capture a bit of winter magic by placing delicate flower buds in the middle of two large leaves.

4 January 2023 Snow glow fluffy display bed for your design details

A cranberry lantern to cozy up a white winter's evening.

4 January 2023 Cranberry snow glow lantern

Sugar frosted cranberry ball filled with fairy lights.

28 December 2022 Bundled up Rosehip Scatter twigs… for anywhere you need a small frosted winter decorating touch

A delicate winter decoration to add sparkle to those in between Christmas and New Years Eve days.