My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


22 December 2021 Patina Copper Spiral Bauble and Pinecone Cascade

A beautiful pinecone dressed up for Christmas.

15 December 2021 Half and Half Copper and Twig Christmas tree

Cut a tree from copper and twigs for a long lasting tabletop Christmas decoration.

8 December 2021 Twig Christmas Star

Make your own twig Christmas stars- the easy way.

8 December 2021 Green Patina Copper Bells

Easiest bell DIY. Add a bit more character by chemically treating the bell to have a lovely green patina.

1 December 2021 Happy twig glow-man proudly showing off it's copper star garland

Craft a twig and foam snowman with an inner glow.

1 December 2021 Hellebores, Foxtail and copper star garland for a happy glow-man

This is the second part of my twig glow-man Tutorial... and probably the easiest garland you can possibly make.

1 December 2021 Copper stars to hang as Design Accessories

Cut stars from a copper plate for a lovely turquoise patina Christmas decoration.

24 November 2021 Feather and Twig Wreath to frame a Handcrafted Copper Lantern

Cover a basic wreath with a layer of feathers for a soft and comforting winter wreath

24 November 2021 Flameless Patina Copper Lantern

This is the easiest battery operated votive candle lantern to hand craft from a copper sheet... ever! As always with my Tutorials you will not need any special tools or workshop...

24 November 2021 Patina Copper

The colour and the effect will vary due to application, temperature and humidity.

17 November 2021 Wreath-Rim a Vase with sparkling foxtail and twigs

Add a collar around a vase to hint at a wreath for an early Christmas floral design.

10 November 2021 Two layer table top forest floor armature that Transition from Autumn to Christmas

Don’t you just hate short cuts?<br> ... because the longer your design elements will last the more effort it will take for you to make them look vibrant again.