My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


30 August 2023 Radiating bunny tails

Spear bunny tail grasses into a Kenzan to create a cozy space to display apricot lemonade cosmos flowers.

23 August 2023 Basket weave bunny tail grid to catch your floral details

A no waste... but still decorative way to keep your flower in place and hydrated in the warm days of summer.

16 August 2023 Use the pull tab of a can to keep your floral details in place

Love anchovies cans. And if you fold over the pull tab just so it is perfect for keeping even longer stem flowers upright.

9 August 2023 Tap in support for horizontal placement of your top heavy flowers

Placing gladiolus stems horizontally so that the stems... disappear.

2 August 2023 Tangle a wild wide web of Jasmine vine to suspend your flowers

My summer design strategy: the warmer the weather the deeper the water. A vine frog is just the thing!

26 July 2023 A woven grass grid cage for flying Column and Augmented petal Phalaenopsis orchids

Pick away the petals from a few Phalaenopsis orchids to display in a summer grass tunnel design.

19 July 2023 Knot a dragonfly

The easiest critter ever. All you need to do is make a few knots...

12 July 2023 Frond Support for short stemmed flowers

Create an all natural fern grid to arrange your flowers for a summer display.

5 July 2023 Latch an imperfect stem support for thin stemmed and heavy design details

Bundle and tie a few stems to create a support for even heavy design details.

28 June 2023 Knot a vine wreath and ripped grass bug net

Simply easy design... with tiny design details to make your summer display unique.

14 June 2023 Fold a crab from grass

A fun coastal touch for your design... a woven crab.

7 June 2023 Peg the heavy details in place with a wedged stem support

Create a support for your floral details by wedging the cut flower stem across the opening of the vase.