My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


24 May 2023 Foxtail wreath frog with a leg in water

Twirl the fern into a wreath so that it can remain hydrated.

24 May 2023 Solar Fireflies String Light

Craft fireflies to add to your summer container plants.

17 May 2023 Light Layer float Wisteria flowers

Craft the softest layer of wisteria flowers that neatly float on water.

10 May 2023 Craft a padded wooden Dowel to position a leaf cone into the sharp teeth of a Kenzan

Prevent a leaf from ripping or bruising when positioning it in your design.

3 May 2023 Standing flower stems upright In Perlite

I use perlite to root my cuttings... and to support flower stems in an upright position in designs without using floral foam.

26 April 2023 New growth Spring frog

Willow cutting left in water will root and sprout... perfect for a all natural flower frog to admire as is or to keep long stem flowers upright.

19 April 2023 Willow and Vine tiny stem Gathering Basket

Tiny stems are often also delicate stems... place your cut flowers directly in a small glass of water. A perfect fit for this basket.

12 April 2023 Lean along armature for grape Hyacinths

A last lean towards winter as the snow melts and the Spring flowers starts to make an appearance.

5 April 2023 Interweave a dangling Egg outline Easter Wreath Basket

An open egg shaped wreath for Easter styling

29 March 2023 Grow a wheatgrass patch for an almost entirely edible Easter display

Grow wheatgrass to create a Spring patch of green for your mini Easter egg hunt.

22 March 2023 Easy twist to a tulip spiral to nestle a “we are still building this” bird’s nest in

The easiest unfinished nest idea... simply shaped from roots discovered while Spring cleaning and preparing to plant.

15 March 2023 Grasshopper Blossom branches

Just for fun add a few pollinators to your Spring blossom design