My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


7 July 2021 Floral Raft in a Bottle

Float flowers in a bottle by giving each flower their own little bubble wrap raft-skirt.

30 June 2021 Sparkling dew drop puddle to keep flowers hydrated even during a heatwave

Done in no time design... and it is rather refreshing to make.

23 June 2021 Submerged vine wreath armature to beat the summer heat

Water... lots of water- that is the answer to designing flower arrangements that survive the summer heat.

16 June 2021 Shelter grass veil for a round container

A single lily flower design dressed up with a grass veil.

9 June 2021 Baby’s Breath Wave Cascade

Easy and quick arrangement to do for summer in a vase... with just enough complexity to make you feel real good about yourself.

2 June 2021 Two leaf lining your container to shelter your orchids

Create a shallow puddle in a larger container to keep your flowers in place.

26 May 2021 Stacking stems to show off flowers from all angles

Roses so pretty you want to admire them front, side and back.

19 May 2021 A flower, flower frog to keep your design details perfectly put

Use the firm petals of a flower to keep your design details upright

12 May 2021 A radiating, gradient carnation design in a shallow container

A bit of Kenzan support for a floating shallow container design

5 May 2021 Sea glass counter weights to keep leaning top heavy stems from tipping

An easy fix for preventing flowers from falling out of a container

28 April 2021 A contained design for watching those pretty twigs get their leaves

Careful manipulation of twigs in a shallow container. With a special note on how to use new growth.

21 April 2021 Using the new growth on blossom branches as a base for a woodland design

A fun way to use your blossom branches in a design once all the petals fall.