My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


11 December 2019 Twig and twinkle Christmas Tree

A light as snow twig and Christmas light armature

11 December 2019 Swirly Twirly Silver Dollar Eucalyptus baubles

Inspired by seedpods... Glue Silver Dollar Eucalyptus leaves into 3 dimensional Christmas decorations.

4 December 2019 Eucalyptus collar for a snow-covered Christmas candle

Not only will your home smell wonderful while crafting this design you will also have a ethereal and long lasting design to enjoy.

27 November 2019 How to make a just-picked-it-a-moment-ago snow covered icicle and mistletoe hanging branch bunch

Gather a few branches to hang as a magical winter wonderland Christmas decoration.

27 November 2019 Fake real stems-ends for real fake branches

Add a real stem to shorter artificial branches to incorporate them into a design.

27 November 2019 Perk up faux plant material and flowers that are not wired

A sprig of wired faux plant material is easy to bend back into a more natural position. Plastic plant material without a wire in their stems need a bit of help to get back into...

20 November 2019 Use wired faux elements to secure your design

When you use wired branches they double as... well... wires to secure your other design details. This is such a quick and easy design solution!

20 November 2019 Cracked ice, freshly fallen snow and fire... in a bud vase

It looks like these candles are thoroughly snowed and iced in place but they actually rest just below the edge of a bud vase so that they can be taken out to switch the battery...

13 November 2019 How to dress a shop bought artificial wreath to go from meh to: it looks so real!

Just a few adjustments can transform a boring artificial wreath into a high end looking designer decoration.

13 November 2019 How to fake a blizzard in floral designs

Part of the charm of contemporary designing is adding elements to your work that create a story.

13 November 2019 Turn shop bought baubles into designer frosted snowballs

Brushing a shiny bauble with an almost dry brush with just a bit of paint on turns it into a beautiful almost antique snowball.

13 November 2019 A tangle of ribbon instead of a bow for an unusual winter design

I wanted my design to look more "found this way" than "designed this way" so I strategically tangled the ribbon to dangle down the design rather than tie it in a neat bow.