My Creative Workbook

Christine de Beer - effortless floral craftsman


27 October 2021 Hovering golden wheat Ghost Ship armature

Using dry and fresh floral material in one design without the dry becoming soggy and the fresh drying out.

20 October 2021 Upright standing besom for the modern witch on the go

Craft a wire tripod to fit into the bristles of a handcrafted broom so that it can stand freely in your display.

13 October 2021 Weave a willow wreath around a minimal pumpkin display

It’s amazing how we sometimes try to complicate a design. I tried adding calla lilies… took them out and loved the willow. Added gerberas. Took them out and loved the willow....

6 October 2021 A quick and easy way to Craft a Twig Basket Using Wire Tendrils

The hardest part of this is actually making the tendrils. From there it's a few twists... and we are done!

29 September 2021 Over the edge flower, floral support

Hook the calla lilies over the edge of a vase to create a support for your taller floral details.

22 September 2021 Crafting a Corny Corn Husk Corn Armature

Four ears of corn, corn husk wire armature with a hidden water source for the fresh flowers.

15 September 2021 Wire wrap for a shallow container to keep a twig arch armature neatly in place

Wrap a wire around both ends of a shallow container to keep the twigs in place.

8 September 2021 Glue soaked stems cheeky angled grid for those first autumn leaves (with a dye soak up tip)

A barely there delicate grid to keep your flowers in place.

1 September 2021 Above and below eucalyptus curve butternut cradle

Suspend a heavy butternut over water in an early Autumn design.

25 August 2021 Loop and Twist a Wire and Twig Tangle Grid

Wire twigs and wire around a shallow container to keep your floral details suspended in water in a shallow container.

18 August 2021 Racked up dried Twig Snippets to display a few flower buds

Combining dried and fresh floral details for a easy breezy summer design.

11 August 2021 Dried twig collar in a double vase display for gravity sensitive flowers

Putting the focus on the flowers with an ever changing design.