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Tangle a wild wide web of Jasmine vine to suspend your flowers

For summer floral design you need a lot of water in your container

My summer design strategy: the warmer the weather the deeper the water. A vine frog is just the thing! Fill a generous sized container with water.

Place a jasmine vine in the container

Place a jasmine vine in the container.

Tangle in a second vine

Tangle in a second vine...

Design note: This is a great way to design with fresh vines. The water is deep enough to keep the new growth from wilting and the vine will continue to grow in the water... making it possible for you to use the vine in another design with the new tips now fully conditioned. You might even get roots on the vine!

Place all the cut stem ends kick firmly against the bottom of the container.

Add the vines in one by one to make sure all the cut stem ends kick firmly against the bottom of the container. The tips can extend over the edge of the container. Also add the vines in so that you have little vine-rafts to suspend your flowers above the water. You can adjust the size of the supports to suit your flowers. Smaller flowers will need a denser support. Heavier flowers might even need an additional support so that it looks like it is floating above the water.

Book readers turn to page 141 where I give you a few more tips about designing and suspending flowers in water. For more information about my book: The Effortless Floral Craftsman

Gently place the flowers on the vine tangle

Gently place the flowers on the vine tangle.

... but of course the vine continues to grow and will shift slightly. This week in our email I show you an easy, at a glance way to check whether the support is shifting and you need to adjust the flower to maintain the design. The sign up is below the post if you want to join the conversation (or just say hi... or get a notification the moment the new design is ready for you to view)

Add in a few more vines and some dew drop crystals to finish the design

Add in a few more vines to drape over the flowers and some dew drop crystals to finish the design.

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8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

5 September 2018 Wisteria Wreath Vine

Weave tiny vine wreaths on the leave stems of a stripped Wisteria vine

5 September 2018 Wisteria Vine Wreath Armature

Create a barely there armature with sturdy end of season vines.

30 August 2011 Suspending and positioning a Phalaenopsis orchid under water

Flowers naturally float and you will need some kind of sinker to keep them suspended under water.

2 June 2021 Two leaf lining your container to shelter your orchids

Create a shallow puddle in a larger container to keep your flowers in place.

23 June 2021 Submerged vine wreath armature to beat the summer heat

Water... lots of water- that is the answer to designing flower arrangements that survive the summer heat.

7 July 2021 Floral Raft in a Bottle

Float flowers in a bottle by giving each flower their own little bubble wrap raft-skirt.

19 April 2023 Willow and Vine tiny stem Gathering Basket

Tiny stems are often also delicate stems... place your cut flowers directly in a small glass of water. A perfect fit for this basket.

8 February 2023 Hover winter twig armature with an acetate platform

Crystal clear floral design for winter styling

19 August 2020 Tangle a perfect vine around two wreaths for a split armature

Passion fruit flowers never lasts long. Not even growing outside on a vine. But the buds continue to open once cut making a wreath display ideal for an even changing passion fruit...

3 August 2022 Above and below water jasmine in a grass square

Not only is water designs wonderfully refreshing to make... it is also wonderfully refreshing for your flowers.

14 April 2021 Fuzzy Willow Caterpillar in a buttercup and jasmine vine swirl

As in… Pussy willow catkins caterpillar… that is super fuzzy.

10 June 2020 Overgrown vine tangle to suspend flowers in a clear vase

A zero waste and sustainable floral design solution to keep your flowers exactly where you want them without using floral foam.

3 February 2021 Weave a Ceropegia Woodii Vine grid to catch your flowers

Suspend flowers over a water filled container by weaving a natural grid.

27 February 2019 Weave a floral trap

Keep your flowers in place with an all natural woven trap.

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Related Designs

2 August 2023 here… from … my little corner… of the world wide web

Weave a web of jasmine vine to support orchid stems

5 September 2018 Wreath Vine Season!

Weave tiny wreaths on the stems of Wisteria vines

2 June 2021 Like an open book

Position foliage to create a smaller, shallow pond for your floral details to shelter in.

23 June 2021 Over Easy

A cooling design to celebrate the summer solstice.

7 July 2021 Do and Don'ts

One of my trusty tried and tested techniques. When the going gets hot... float your flowers!

19 April 2023 Short Cut

A tiny carry basket to gather the shortest stems from your cutting garden... with a place for water and your cutters.

8 February 2023 Snow… drops

A late winter design for minimal floral styling.

19 August 2020 All round pretty sweet and short

Frame a passion flower in a vine wreath for a short lived but so pretty arrangement.

10 June 2020 All Out

An all out effective way of keeping a flower stem in the exact spot you want it to be in a clear water vase design.

3 February 2021 here’s the catch

Weave an all natural net to place over a vase to keep your flowers above water.

27 February 2019 It’s a trap!

Weave a trap to keep your floral details suspended in a square container.