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Floral Raft in a Bottle

Oh yes- my tried and tested floating flowers Tutorial makes an appearance, yet again. This time inside a bottle. I love this technique- it’s one of my “go-to’s”.
The Tutorial first appeared in January 2012 and it was still early days for Pinterest and it unexpectedly spread like wildfire!

Place a bottle shaped container on its side

Place a bottle shaped container on its side.

Fill the container with water

Fill the container with water...

Right to just below the neck of the container

Right to just below the neck of the container so that the flowers float above the surface but the water won't spill out.

Cut bubble wrap rafts for the flowers

Cut bubble wrap rafts for the flowers. There is a link to the original Tutorial below the post if you want to refresh your memory on how I did it.

Gently float the flower inside the container

Gently float the flower inside the container.

Add jasmine vines between the flowers to keep them in place

Add jasmine vines between the flowers to keep them in place.

I have included a few design tips on how to cut and position the vines to stay perfectly upright inside the container in this week's email. Yes, there's absolutely a trick to it!
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Use a twig to reposition the flowers once everything is in place

Use a twig to reposition the flowers (if needed) once everything is in place.

And wedge the tiniest pebble under the container to keep it from rolling

And wedge the tiniest pebbles under the container (on both sides)to keep it from rolling.

Book readers: Staying inspired can be a struggle sometimes, especially after the year we have had! Turn to page 327 to read more about how you can use your foundation techniques to open up the flow of creative ideas when you get a bit stuck.
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Favourite Flowers


Chrysanthemum or "mums"

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