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here… from … my little corner… of the world wide web

here… is … my little corner… of the world wide web floral art design by Christine de Beer

Sharing work online…

Zero waste floral designs that are sustainable for summer displays

Like I do

Allowing jasmine stems to continue to grow in a flower display

Where so many of my flower buddies live around the corner from my corner (of the world wide web)

Displaying orchids in a water filled vase for summer centerpieces

Like mine do

Tangle a web of jasmine vine as a flower frog

Can easily start to feel a lot like I am mostly talking to myself

(… like I absolutely do…. but that is a whole other topic)

Summer floral display with a lot of cooling and hydrating water

So I wanted to say thank you for saying hi

How to arrange flowers in a heatwave

Like you do

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2 August 2023 Tangle a wild wide web of Jasmine vine to suspend your flowers

My summer design strategy: the warmer the weather the deeper the water. A vine frog is just the thing!

8 July 2015 Using a pin to place tiny dew drop crystals

It's sometimes difficult to place a tiny crystal or bead exactly where you want it.

5 September 2018 Wisteria Wreath Vine

Weave tiny vine wreaths on the leave stems of a stripped Wisteria vine

5 September 2018 Wisteria Vine Wreath Armature

Create a barely there armature with sturdy end of season vines.

30 August 2011 Suspending and positioning a Phalaenopsis orchid under water

Flowers naturally float and you will need some kind of sinker to keep them suspended under water.

2 June 2021 Two leaf lining your container to shelter your orchids

Create a shallow puddle in a larger container to keep your flowers in place.

23 June 2021 Submerged vine wreath armature to beat the summer heat

Water... lots of water- that is the answer to designing flower arrangements that survive the summer heat.

7 July 2021 Floral Raft in a Bottle

Float flowers in a bottle by giving each flower their own little bubble wrap raft-skirt.

19 April 2023 Willow and Vine tiny stem Gathering Basket

Tiny stems are often also delicate stems... place your cut flowers directly in a small glass of water. A perfect fit for this basket.

8 February 2023 Hover winter twig armature with an acetate platform

Crystal clear floral design for winter styling

19 August 2020 Tangle a perfect vine around two wreaths for a split armature

Passion fruit flowers never lasts long. Not even growing outside on a vine. But the buds continue to open once cut making a wreath display ideal for an even changing passion fruit...

3 August 2022 Above and below water jasmine in a grass square

Not only is water designs wonderfully refreshing to make... it is also wonderfully refreshing for your flowers.

14 April 2021 Fuzzy Willow Caterpillar in a buttercup and jasmine vine swirl

As in… Pussy willow catkins caterpillar… that is super fuzzy.

10 June 2020 Overgrown vine tangle to suspend flowers in a clear vase

A zero waste and sustainable floral design solution to keep your flowers exactly where you want them without using floral foam.

3 February 2021 Weave a Ceropegia Woodii Vine grid to catch your flowers

Suspend flowers over a water filled container by weaving a natural grid.

27 February 2019 Weave a floral trap

Keep your flowers in place with an all natural woven trap.

Favourite Flowers


Phalaenopsis, Moth orchid

Related Designs

5 September 2018 Wreath Vine Season!

Weave tiny wreaths on the stems of Wisteria vines

2 June 2021 Like an open book

Position foliage to create a smaller, shallow pond for your floral details to shelter in.

23 June 2021 Over Easy

A cooling design to celebrate the summer solstice.

7 July 2021 Do and Don'ts

One of my trusty tried and tested techniques. When the going gets hot... float your flowers!

19 April 2023 Short Cut

A tiny carry basket to gather the shortest stems from your cutting garden... with a place for water and your cutters.

8 February 2023 Snow… drops

A late winter design for minimal floral styling.

19 August 2020 All round pretty sweet and short

Frame a passion flower in a vine wreath for a short lived but so pretty arrangement.

10 June 2020 All Out

An all out effective way of keeping a flower stem in the exact spot you want it to be in a clear water vase design.

3 February 2021 here’s the catch

Weave an all natural net to place over a vase to keep your flowers above water.

27 February 2019 It’s a trap!

Weave a trap to keep your floral details suspended in a square container.